Dropped Roach

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Ceptic Tank, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. My friend and I were blazing up on this nice park, overlooking Hawaii. We are finishing up the blunt, and with 2" of it left my friend drops the blunt. He starts sifting through the grass looking and I was like nah doesn't matter. He keeps searching and searching, and we saw exactly where it fell, made no sense.

    He starts getting more and more agitated and is fucking starts digging up the grass, ripping it up and punching the ground saying, "wheres my FUCKING blunt brah!!?" "fuck you brah man shit." I couldn't stop laughing.

    We're sitting, overlooking a sunset and able to see a panorama of beautiful landscape for miles, and my friend is on his knees ripping up 2 square feet of grass, literally PUNCHING the ground as hard as possible looking.

    We give up, head over to other friends (not smoking). Right before we leave he is like man I need to find it, just over principle, not even to smoke. We walk back and the SECOND he looks down he sees it, after ripping up ALL the grass in the area, punching the ground, and both of us searching for what seemed like 10 minutes.

    After looking over it the story doesn't seem to funny. Haha sorry about that, you just need to know the guy. Maybe I'll re-write it once I smoke in a little bit.
  2. wow thats a rather violent buddy you got there.
  3. I could see that being really funny while it's happening, just not one of those things that comes out across as hilarious later.
  4. damn id be flippin if i lost 2 inches of blunt to
  5. Hate when that happens, the worst is when you put something in a place and immediatly forget, get me soo agitated.
  6. lol... that was funny.
  7. anytime someone drops a blunt/roach i always yell VIOLATION! lol it's like this unwritten rule we have and smoking etiqutte type of thing

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