Dropped phone call poll

Discussion in 'General' started by timmaahhh420, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. when you are talking to someone and you lose connection do you call them back or do you wait for them to call you? I wait for them to call me back
  2. I usually try to call them back. If we both try to call the other back, it's better than if we both decide to wait and see if the other is going to call back. :laughing:

  3. not for me. every time I dial back I get a busy signal. idk.
  4. call em!!
  5. In the rare occasion that does happen, I call them back.
  6. Since I have Verizon about 1 out of every 5 calls gets dropped :mad:

    Depends on the conversation if it was stupid smalltalk or buying bud talk.
  7. yeah i was talking to my friend about a bag last night and my phone call got dropped and thats how i thought about this thread lol i got shitty ass verizon also.
  8. I usually somehow think it's my fault so I call them back.

    I have sprint, and they suck. But when I get no service from them I get signal from verizon towers so I'm never out of service :hello:
  9. I most often get dropped calls in my own room, which is a virtual dead zone regardless of carrier. Generally speaking, the person who's phone dropped the call should call back, since the other person doesn't know when they might have signal again.
  10. I usually call them and if we both call at the same time we wait about a minute and if we both call back again I just wait until they call me. But I am lucky enough to almost never have dropped calls, I get very good service where I live.
  11. it all depends on whether i even wanted to talk with them.
  12. I have never made a phone call with my cellphone, so I've never had a call dropped.
  13. It really depends on the content/intention of the call.

    For example, if it's a friend calling me asking for a favor I'm definitely waiting for him/her to call me back. But, if it's me inquiring about a favor or piece of knowledge, I will probably call back.
  14. If the call got dropped from my end I call back. If it was the other person I'll wait for them to call me back.
  15. I know this isnt relavent but your sig picture is fucking beast.

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