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Dropped my weed on dirty floor

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kcsov6, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. I was in my building smoking and dropped my only dime I have left on the wood floor which is just dusty. Would it hurt to pic this up and roll it and smoke it? I gotta smoke :smoke:
  2. As long as your floor isn't covered with like dirt and mud and shit I would say smoke it. I drop weed on the floor all the time and smoke it.
  3. burn it with fire
  4. Fire kills germs bud. Smoke it.

    If that explanation fails you, invoke the 6 second rule and smoke it anyway.
  5. I'm just worried bc it's my building floor, I don't sweep it as often. I only picked up bigger pieces tho n didn't scrape the floor
  6. I coughed one time and dropped all i had packed in a bowl on the pavement, you better believe i picked all that shit up and got high as fuck off of it. Even thought I had over en eighth left i scavenged lol.
  7. if its big pieces then i definitely wouldn't worry about it, especially if you cant see dirt on it. Whatever little microscopic pieces of dirt are still on it will just get burned to nothing in the bowl/joint/blunt and you wont notice it.

    Lol i've got you beat. I dropped like a .8 dab of some real sticky hash on my floor before. Broke out the razor blade, scraped it up, blew it off and smoked it.
  8. Epic man, I can't wait for my flowering stage to be over so I can try my own weed

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