Dropped my iPhone in the toilet!

Discussion in 'General' started by renesis, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. And I'm not even stoned! I was just in the bathroom washing my sleepy face, grabbed my phone and slipped out like a banana right into the toilet bowl, being completely immersed for like 3 seconds. Miraculously it was still working! I shut it off immediately, and now I'm waiting for her to to dry. Hopefully nothing is seriously messed up, fingers crossed. By the way, this is the 4th iPhone I've bought, I can't afford it anymore.
  2. Aah this happened with one of my old razors. Never worked again.
  3. Yeee boiiii. That's hell lucky.

    I wish I could afford an iPhone lol.

  4. I saw this and was like " noone gives a shit about a razor wtf"

    then I realized he was talking about the phone...

    im high :D
  5. Iphones suck :( im on my second one. the 3g is bulshit. the back has a huge crack in it.
  6. You ain't lying, my phone isn't turning back on. Wow, what a shitty day. I sleep 5 hours past my alarm for work somehow, and now my phone dies. Maybe I can use my dead phone as an excuse. :(

    Fuck it, time to light one up :smoke:
  7. Man the more I think about it, the more pissed I get. I could of at least got $400 bucks off ebay for her, and then I could have bought a QP. Instead I'm on my last joint, made entirely of roach savings.
  8. Make sure it's totally dry.

    I'm amused by iPhones. They are useless to me (I need keys to type on, I do a lot of emailing from my phone) but it's amazing how hype got so many people to buy them again and again. Extremely overpriced and overhyped. I know so many people with stories like the ones I see here of having gone through multiple units for various reasons. Apple used to be about quality; lately they are about image.
  9. thats where the iphone belongs
  10. I wish I could afford four iPhones, If i wreck mine im fucked.. but atleast I have insurance.
  11. I dropped my iPhone 3G in the toilet as well... let it sit out & dry for a week = 100% working!
  12. I almost dropped mine in the toilet, it hit the rim and fell onto my bathroom rug. got real lucky
  13. i remember the day i got the razr when it first came out. i was drunk in huntington beach, we took a walk to the pier.. yeah dropped it in the ocean.. what a fool i was
  14. I'm not going to ask what you people were doing with your motion sensitive phones in the bathroom :eek:
  15. dropped my ipod in the toilet...it'd worked...shame your's didn't.
  16. iono dude, iphone is a beast. amazing how much use i get from it. but to each their own. its on top of every other phone out there. have you even tried the blackberry storm? its shit. but thats cool im down with apple.
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    i agree. the hype with all the i-products (iPhone, iPod, etc) is just incredible. the technology really is nothing special, they break constantly (and only come with short warranty), and they charge exorbitant prices...but they look cool, they're sleek and they're hip, so people buy them. no other product on the market can break so often and yet have people so willing to buy it again and again. just doesn't make sense to me. i suppose it's just genious marketing on their part.
  18. Happened to my Motorola ROKR. Went to take a piss and it was in my hoodie pocket and when I pulled my hoodie up it fell out of my pocket and right into the toilet.

    Zapped that thing and it never worked again.

    Best wishes from me to your iPhone though.. :wave:
  19. Your 4th iphone?!

    clearly, iphone hates you.
  20. Not to mention that I'll buy a phone whose battery I can't replace myself when I'm cold and dead. Any business traveller knows how important it is to be able to swap batteries, and they wear out pretty quick with constant discharge/recharge cycles.

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