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Dropped grinder in toilet

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by maarar, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. Hey guys, know this sounds weird, but I managed to drop my grinder in the toilet
    I fished it out as fast as I could, and cleaned it under the tap.
    I'm actually a germaphobe as well, and I really wanna be able to continue using that grinder, but do you know any proper way to COMPLETELY disinfect it?
  2. If it’s metal Throw it in the freezer, Soak it in alcohol, rinse it and let it dry. If it’s plastic just toss it and buy another what are they 3$
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  3. Yeah man I'd do the same way you would clean a pipe. Get rubbing alcohol and put it in a bowl or a bag or something and then rest the grinder in the alochol. Not only will you make it clean again but it'll get rid of all the crap from the toilet. Hope this helps! :)
  4. must not be too much of a germaphobe to even consider it! ;)

    I would maybe try the dishwasher after a good brush out and alcohol wipe.
    take the seal ring off the top before putting it in there.
    and hand dry it 100% as soon as the wash cycle is done after it cools a bit.
    maybe even use a hairdryer.

    but idk, I would probs take it as an excuse to get me something new!
  5. Hmmmm let me see.
    Damn people no clue on what to use as a disinfectant ??
    Rinse with hot water. Done deal.


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