Dropped a "Pipe"

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CommunityChest, May 18, 2010.

  1. Been lurking on gc for about a year and a half just never got the urge to make an account until this happened this other weekend, lol.

    So me, my brother, his four year old son, his girlfriend and her nephew all went to tybee island for a weekend.(Its down by savannah, Georgia) So we all wake up in the hotel room and me and my brother are smoking a bowl on the small ass balcony but we have to lie down so the passerbyers can't see us. So were hitting it and i take a big ass rip and cough a lung out. A few people down below us look up but im certain they can't see us. So we finish up and were all laying down on the bed waiting for everybody to get ready to head down to the beach when we get a knock on the door. My brothers girlfriend answer it and they're out there talking and I here the guy going "dah pipey from balcony" in some weird accent (he wasn't american so i guess he couldn't really get the point across). Me and my brother start freaking out looking for the bowl when his girlfriend walks in holding a pipe that goes to the air conditioner in the room. My brothers son apparantly took it from the air conditioner and dropped it four stories and was lucky enough to hit some hick on the head. We just all start busting out laughing and his son starts giggling which added to it since we were baked. I guess it one of those stories where you had to be there, but nether the less we were pretty sketched for a few minutes because we would of had no way to dispose of anything if the hotel security or police would have showed up.
  2. Hahaha nice. Was it a glass pipe?

  3. I think it was PVC but im pretty sure it doesn't feel good from four stories up.

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