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drop your glass pipe? how to fix it.

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by Hash Browns, Mar 11, 2009.

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    sup bladeses?
    so im sitting in my friends car after we'd gotten done smoking when the need to get out for a second arises. as i open the door and emerge from the vehicle i hear the most utterly horrible sound i have ever heard in my life; glass pipe hitting blacktop. i had forgotten the pipe was sitting in my lap, and as i stood up the pipe was subjected to a terrifying display of how gravity works. i was devastated blades. the 70$ pipe hadnt even been broken in yet and it wasnt even mine. fortunately enough though, upon examination of the damage i noticed that it was a very clean break. the glass was very thick and thus the pipe did not shatter but simply broke into 2 pieces. so after buying my friend a new pipe i decided to go ahead and try to repair the broken one. and here is how i did it:


    Quiksteel. <- this is the SHIT! it has the consistency of moist clay and is grey/black before activated. once activated it starts to warm up and becomes completely black. it bonds to glass and best of all it says it can be used in areas reaching temperatures of up to 500 degrees F.

    the whole repair was rather simple actualy. it consisted of breaking off a piece of the quiksteel, working it for about 1 minute to activate it, and carefuly setting it in place before pushing the 2 pieces back together.
    it only took about 1 hour to fully set, at which point i simply scraped away the excess on the outside to make the pipe smooth again.
    the pipe works just as good as it used to and we've been using it on and off for a couple months now. we treat it as if it never broke, banging it against our palms to cash bowls, smoking bowl after bowl, etc. and the quiksteel has lived up to its reputation. if your going to glue a pipe back together this is the shit you need.
    this type of repair is intended for higher quality glass pieces which have thicker glass. thicker glass will allow you to apply the quiksteel without leaving any of it exposed on the inside of the pipe. i wouldnt recommend trying this on a cheap pipe, just go get a new one.
    DO NOT, use super glue for this kind of repair. super glue will not bond to glass well and your pipe will fall apart in your pocket or even as your are smoking it. also if you do repair your pipe this way, you must refrain from taking res hits. although the quiksteel can withstand high temperatures its not a good idea to put a direct flame on an empty pipe that has been glued back together.

    hope this helps someone out there, ill try to put up some pictures of the pipe later.

    peace :smoke:
  2. this may be useful to me one day
  3. I chipped of the top of my bowl. so there a very small hole on the top, but still on the inside. do you think its safe to use quicksteel if its in the bowl?
  4. Quiksteel is expensive....
  5. mmm I love smoking epoxy putty. Its just like crack except I dont get high from it.

  6. I think I spoke too soon One of my prized pieces broke "Squidword" just a little tip of a bobby pin size hole popped on the size of the cone going down the bowl I will be forced to try this product now
  7. I just broke my pipe the other day, as you can see it's pretty thick and I have all the pieces to put it back together. I've stuck the pieces back together and it fits pretty good. Question where can I buy this Quiksteel and how much is it and op do you think it would work well on my pipe?


    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking of burying the pipe but I don't know about that and after seeing this I have some hope left.
  8. hey guys. just wondering if swizwalz or frostaie had any luck with the Quiksteel.

    got an update for you all as well; as you can see this thread was originally posted in march and it is now october. the pipe i mentioned fixing has endured regular use (almost daily) for almost 10 months now. havent had to make any additional repairs nor have we had any problems with it whatsoever.

    i highly recommend this to any who has broken a pipe and wants to attempt to save it.

    the pictures swizwalz posted show a pipe that could easily be saved the way i mentioned before. note the thickness of the pipe: dont try this on pipes with very thin glass, its not worth it.

    glad to see this might have helped someone. peace out blades.
    keep smokin.
  9. JB Weld is MUCH cheaper (about $5 for a decent amount)

    you could also put the piece together with foil tape, then JB Weld all over the tape and viola! airtigh seal that wont break easy.

  10. this would not look very nice at all..
  11. Wow, this threads old as fuck, but to the op, it works up to 500F, and a bic heats up to ~1800f so....
  12. Now, can you clean it with traditional glass cleaning methods?
    Grunge off/simple green, isopropyl alcohol? What happens, those are some pretty strong solvents because it bonds to the surface and helps dissolve resin.
  13. I say.

    Broke your piece.


    Its safer then smoking chemicles. the heat no matter will burn and vaporize the glue. NOT SMART!..
    So count your loses and buy a new piece it isnt worth risking your health
  14. who said anything about looks?

    last i checked this was how to fix a broken glass pipe, not fix my pipe and make it look pretty.

  15. Qfmft!
    Some people just dont know how to let go..
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    hey blades. allow me to address some of the concersn recently posted..

    yes, this is true, but you gota think about this fact, man: the flame of your bic may get this hot, but that doesn't mean your pipe is going to get this hot. ;) if your pipe got anywhere near 500 degrees it would burn the shit out of your hand just to hold it. the area around the bowl is going to get hotter than the rest of the pipe, but this fix isnt intended for glueing back together shattered pipes or parts of bowls, but really just clean breaks along the stem.

    as quoted from the manufacturers of quiksteel themselves: "QUIKSTEEL is impervious to chemicals, solvents, oils, and acids including battery acids."Integrity Absorbents - Epoxy Sticks so, rubbing alcohol would be safe to use to clean your pipe, and boiling water is also an option as the boiling point of water is 212 degrees.

    not trying to hate on your idea or anything, man, but the method you suggested would be a lot messier and would look especially bad.. most people dont even notice right away that the pipe was ever broken when fixed the way i did it. there is a thin black line around where the pipe was broken but other than that it looks perfectly fine. i will have my friend send me a picture later, he still uses the sherlock erryday.
  17. if smoking epoxy is bad for you...im fucked then.
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    as promised, pictures of the pipe i dropped many months ago..

    it got its name "the chameleon" based on the fact it changed colors, and its "tail" fell off and grew back.

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  19. sick piece, looks an awwffull lot like mine..

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