Droopy, water or heat?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by BeHereNow, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. Hello all,

    Just transplanted grape ape in hydrofarm buckets 6 days ago. All the others are strong and these two are the runts. At first there were heat issues in the corner they\'re in, but three days ago I reseolved that problem, now its in the high 70\'s/low 80\'s. Water also had high pH for a bit but now it\'s just under 6. I used just a touch of chemical nutes (about half the dosage recommended) to be on the safe side. There\'s a 600 W HPS sitting just about three feet above with an 18/6 cycle. Ideas?

    Also, the clones were transplanted into a little cube of soil, is there a problem with the roots being used to the soil and then growing out into the hydrotron?

    Last one; What is the recommended watering schedules for the hydro system? I\'ve read 24/0, 30 min on/30 min off and 15 minutes twice a day.

    Thank you for any and all advice! Peace
  2. I know clones rooted in hydro medium do not do well in soil. I don\'t know from exp about the other way around, but I\'ve heard and read it\'s not good.

    Reads like you\'ve been addressing your problems and recently. Maybe they need a little recoup time?

    all reads good. you could move light closer, but not a must. That\'s it.

  3. hi bhn, I\'ve put soil clones into clays before, no worries. Watch the soil doesn\'t stay waterlogged, but once the roots are into the clays all should be ok. If its a flood/drain setup, the compost will probably get washed out of the clays pretty quick anyway - problem solved lol. I think a better option might be to wash all the soil off the roots and transfer to hydro (or just keep that mud away from your nice clean hydro in future). If you put seedling under 600hps, it might help to put coke bottles over them to keep humidity up
  4. Id remove the soil, elements in the soil may cause proplems with your nutes solution
    & drop your PH to 5.5 5.8,
    the bottom pic is showing I believe a potassium def whats the PPM\'s of your nutes? I think you need to bump the PPM\'s a bit

    and cut back on your watering schedule a bit

    I dont do hydro I just diagnose sick hydro plants I dont have the experience to fine tune a sysytem,
    post this question in the advanced growing section there are some hydro heads in there
  5. You don\'t do hydro, but you told him to up ppm and slow down waterings?

    You don\'t or never have done hydro, but you diagnose sickhydro?

    You mean to say. I tell you what to do because? You read it somewhere.

    This is my problem w/you GG. Anyone can read a book.

    Man do not listen to a book spewer. Now I understand why you tell folks to flush soil to find ph? You need to reread the bible of growing. Overwatering is newbies most common mistake and you\'re adding water?

    your Hydro book gota soil cover?

  6. your the only one that has a problem with me , more like an obsession

    I didnt say I havent done hydro:rolleyes:, its not my choice, I do know hydro as my record shows with the number of grows in hydro that were saved

    BeHereNow, I apologize for your thread being turned to shit

  7. Thought you put me on ignore for the good of the city?

    Maybe you should have done that:)

    What strain was that again that buds at 1OO degrees?

    You been lurking me because you have no answers when I call you on bad advice. You just try to let it pass
  8. it\'s sad man...i think you have a drinking problem:(...you\'r actually tollerable when sober but your bottle posts are screaming for help...i\'ve been through it years ago...get some help i think ya need it.

  9. What a joke and hypocrit you turned out to be. GG havin his girl take up for him is even worse.

    I mention I drank 1 time and I\'m a drunk? I\'m not your daddy.

    What a joke.
  10. the point is you didnt have to tell us, weve always known :(
  11. Sorry beherenow.

    GG and 420fm, you 2 need to stop the competition. You are both right, yet you are both wrong. I\'m fairly new, but I know that different things work for different people. Therefore what works for GG, may not work for somebody else. Personally I have used some of GG\'s suggestions and they worked for me. 420fm, you seem to know your shit too, You sir, give good advice also. But just agree to disagree.

    Now shake hands and make up before I cyber bitch slap the 2 of you.

  12. so slats is you\'re girl! lol.

    You don\'t know shite! And everytime you post you prove it more and more.

    I will call you on Every bad call you make GG and the 1st was calling me a liar and fool. Now who looks foolish boy?

    P.S. Your da might have been drunk when he was downing your iq, but that does not mean he was wrong;)

    edit:2Ofan...GG told me the same thing about how he would cyber slap me...tsk tsk

  13. I did not know that. I\'m gonna bitch slap both of you though. I like the advice that both of you give and I think the 2 of you need to find a way to get along on the city. It\'s fine to disagree, but the 2 of you just need to agree to dissagree.

    I know the 2 of you had harsh words in the recent past, but you need to forgive and forget. One of you is gonna have to be the bigger man in this situation. I see both of your points. You offended each other. Get over it. I think that the 2 of you have both been and are successful growers. Be happy about that. I\'m a noob and I am on my 3rd grow. I have used advice from GG, and others on the city, and it has worked, but I\'m trying to find my own way. What works best for ME.

    If the 2 of you oppose each other, that is fine. But just start your posts with IMO, because that\'s basically what the 2 of you are doing. Giving an opinion. I know they are based on experience, and I have learned that experience is the best research.

    Most people are looking for advice, not conflict between 2 huge ego\'s. Give your advice, and let the person that asked decide. They can try both ways and see what works for THEM.

    My advice to both of you. Back off to 1/4 strength on your attitude nutes. But 1st, flush your egos with 1 gallon of good scotch and a few bongs. Then only add nutes to your ego\'s every other day. See if that helps.
  14. 2Ofan... I never got banned butGG and 4 others did. I\'ve been called troll, drunk, liar, fool.,.ect.

    I never stooped so low,but others did.

    Ego? I think you know what I\'m thinking of that now:)

    You step on my toes. Get ready not to breath. I will throat ya fast. No slapping here. Just pain and prayer for the sheep.

    sorry 2Ofan
  15. Well, you\'re banned now. I warned you, dude. I asked nicely and then warned. No more.

    2 week temp ban...please come back with GG on ignore. He has shaped up and chilled with the disrespect. There shouldn\'t have been any additional crap going on but there is and I\'m not tolerating it.

    To the OP: I apologize for your thread being hijacked with BS.
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