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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by toke n' shred, May 25, 2006.

  1. yesterday i got myself a clone from the local cannabis club, and last night it appeared to be a little droopy, well, when i woke up this morning all the leaves were very droopy and i have no idea why, i haven't even had time to screw this one up yet! well anyways what would you suggest for a droopy little clone? all help appreciated. btw i have a 15inx15in by about 2.5 foot tall cabinet with one 95 watt cfl. ( i know its small, i m planning a scrog grow) i also have one small fan blowing out near the top to hopefully suck out hot air
  2. I don't much about clones but my assumption is the plant is in a state of shock. I'm sure cannabis stores nurture their clones under optimal conditons(humidity, temp, lighting, etc.) so the plant is probably readjusting to its new environment. Mist it, then get it in your growroom under lights ASAP. That's the only advice I can give you, hopefully someone'll come along and help you out more.
  3. does this clone have roots?
    the light may be to intense for it if its not yet rooted

    rotting clones need small amounts of light i find that stronger lights only made them droop and root slower with the light being close when they didnt have roots yet

    now if they have roots thats a different story

    what did this clone come in>? peat pellet? rockwool? cup?

    and what do you have your clone in now? a dome? no dome?
  4. i am not sure how to tell if it has roots or not, but it came in a soft almost foam like cube and i have no dome over it, should I? when i got it i put it in a small plastic pot and filled it with regular potting soil, enough to just cover the cube and had it maybe 2-3 inches away from my 95 watt cfl. thanks for replying, all help is very welcome

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