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  1. hey guys so another problem yesterday I change the res in 2 of the plants (running DWC hydro) plants are still small 3-4 sets of leaves now the 2 I changed I added advanced nutrients (a lil more than before) I also added h202 and hydro guard (first time adding those) so anyway I wake up and all the leaves on these 2 plants are really drooping...so trying to figure out whats wrong cant be to many nutes no signs of that (I think first grow) so I thought maybe the water res was to low as I made it about a inch lower than before so this morning I added water and no change yet...anyone see any potential solutions.. I know pics would help but I don't have my phone ill post a pic in a lil bit but thanks guys!
  2. hey guys sorry still no pic should have my phone back this afternoon....so I know plants can droop from too much water well what if the res level was too low...I was talking to mom (she doesn't grow weed but every other plant she is good. she said it looked like not enough water. like I said in previous post I raised the water IF it is the problem and I fixed the watter level when should I notice it coming back...just so I know if its not poping back in a given time frame then its probilly something else
  3. I can't give a true diagnostics without pics, obviously. However, from what you've told us, I'm not certain why you're even adding H2O2 to your reservoir. If you're roots aren't experiencing any root issues, then it's unnecessary. Hydroguard is fine, but the H2O2 is not needed at this point. That being said, are your roots having issues because of the use of H2O2? What are your reservoir temps? Also, I don't think the reservoir water level is the issue. If the roots are already touching the water, raising or lowering the water level ain't going to make a difference. Plus, this is hydro, not soil. So saying a plant is drooping from "too much water" doesn't necessarily add up, unless of course you're completely drowning the roots with no room for oxygen. Are you using an air pump and air stones? What about your lights? What kind and how high above the plants do you have them? What are your room temps and humidity?

    Again, I'm just going by what you've said. I can't be 100% certain without pics (of the plants and roots if possible) in natural light.
  4. when I found out that the res temps have to be colder than air (didn't pick up on that in all my research) so the slime and alge doesn't grow someone recamended H2O2 and hydro guard....so I shouldn't have added the h2o2? should I change the res. and not add the h202? yes I do use air pump and stones...I just cant figure this one out cause it is only on the 2 plants I changed the res last night and this morning real droopy its only on the 2 I changed so that has to be part of it but there doesn't seem to be any nute burn from looking at tips of leaves...this one has got me stumped!!! I usually change the res's over 2-3 days and now I am scared to change the rest till I figure out what the hell went wrong...but obviously I have to change them soon...ill put pics up in about a hour 1 of the 2 I am having problems with I also had the bottom leave brown and die and now the next set is bad too I was hoping the change of nutes would help but now it just added the droopy problem I am pritty sure that one will die but I am going to givbe it anpother day....like I said ill post pic in a hour hour and half tops thanks again!
  5. OK got a pic …../if you look at the leaf to the right it has a few brown spots these appeared almost a week maybe 5 days ago but after a day or 2 it didn't get any worse looked fine besides a couple brown spots last night until this drooping this morning if you need a better pic let me know

  6. The affected leaf looks like Phosphorus deficiency. I don't see any nute burn. She also looks like she could use a bit more calcium. You haven't answered the other questions about your lights. What kind and how high above the plants do you have them? What are your room temps and humidity? What are the reservoir temps and what do the roots look like? How much ppm's are you feeding them now? What's the pH of the nutes you feed?

  7. Hey I made a post do you think you can check out my post
  8. Just replied to your thread.
  9. light is a 810w led from htg….right now they are about 3feet above I started with them to close then I went to high cause a couple of the younger plants to strectch so now its at 3 feet I was planning on lowering it a bit tomorow after I change the other tanks...humidity is high 40's ...air temp is about 77...resivor temps at 65 when I pic up the net pot in the plant in the pic it had one very long root and a few small ones just visable though the net pot. I have been using "advanced nutrients micro gro bloom PH perfect" it has some stuff that auto adjust the ph if its off but I always get it to 5.8 when I put it in and check every day for the most part it keeps the ph good but I still check.when I changed the tank on the pictured plant yesterday I also added H2O2 hydro guard.
  10. its gota be something I did when I changed the tank cause I changed it and now its droopy the rest that I didn't change again yet are fine
  11. So far everything else seems to look ok. I'd just add more calcium and adjust the pH to 6.0 rather than 5.8. The affected leaves will not recover. Just watch the new growth and see how they react. I wouldn't add H2O2 unless needed. Hydroguard is fine.
  12. A few things going on here.

    1. Hydroguard is a biological/beneficial. By using H2O2 in the mix you could be neutralizing all the Hydroguard. You basically pick one or the other. You can use both but not at the same time.

    2. Are you using regular 2% H2O2 or a more concentrated mix? How much are you putting in for 1gallon or whatever amount your mix is?

    3. Do you have a PH meter and is it calibrated? I’ve had bad experiences with AN ph perfect because the PH did really funky things. Most def aren’t from an actual deficiency but rather PH being incorrect causing lockout.

    4. In what order are you mixing your nutrients, additives, ph adjusters?

    5. How big or what brand air pump/stones and how many buckets/gallons are you running for that one pump.

    My initial guess is you toasted some of your roots with the last change. so it’s having trouble keeping up with the water/nutrient uptake that the leaves are demanding. But need more info to have a better idea
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  13. thanks guys really both of you!
    cannablis….so if those leaves wont recover is the plant big enough to cut them off?

    gelato...you know what I noticed with the A.N when I mix it I get it to 5.8 now if I check a hour later it will be way off....usually I fix it right then and there and it stays pritty good...but I also did notice if you don't fix it it will recover and go back the other way just takes a lil bit...also I disnt realise I shouldn't use hydro guard and h2o2 they both were recamended by the same person oh well. ill have to check the air pump and stone but I am pritty sure its good enough its made to go with 6 buckets but I am only using 5 and I am pritty sure its bubbling well enough
  14. Ya AN oh perfect has buffering agents that work over time. So the corrections are slow. The problem I had was that certain additives or beneficial would interfere with it. We used RO/DI water, but if your water is really hard or really soft it can mess with the buffering abilities as well.

    We only used it at the request of the breeder but after a month we told the breeder what was happening and he let us use our goto nutes.
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  15. You can cut if off if you'd like, but if it's not completely damaged, you can just leave it on for a few more weeks just to help with photosynthesis and to avoid stressing her out even more. It won't harm your plant if you leave it on. Once your plant gets bigger and has new leaves, then eventually you can pinch it off.

    I also have to agree with @Gelato41 in that A.N.'s "pH Perfect" seems to do strange things to your pH. I never used their micro gro bloom, but I have seen youtube videos and read about others growers' pH going all over the place using them. They seem to work best if you use their products with their "pH perfect" bases. If used with other brands, things seem to go off a lot. Sneaky bastards lol.

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