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Droopy plants- yellow leaves

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by malice85, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. I am having some plant problems. I am not sure what is causing the problems or how to fix them.

    All 6 plants are droopy like they are overwatered, but they are a little crisp to the touch as well. The yellow/browning leaves are very crisp and are worse near the bottom of the plant.

    Two of the plants have been in veg for about 3 weeks, four have been in about 2 weeks. The younger plants are showing very slow growth compared to the others.

    There was one other plant that died last week. It showed the same yellowing at the base of the plant, then the leaves and even the stem started drooping and it was dead within 24 hours.

    There has also been more algae in my system then I have ever had before. I have tried flushing my system and running just pure water. The plants didn't get any better, but they didn't get any worse.

    I am growing in hydro. PPM is around 850-950. Ph is about 6.3. Water temp is 70 deg. Room temp is 73 deg. Humidity is btwn 20-30%.

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  2. ur getting a PH lockout of ur nutes hydro u want about 5.6 PH folia feed with sparkling mineral water with high concentrates of magnesium, calcium etc this will help boost ur plants needs plants also droop when they are underwatered what is ur watering cycle?
  3. also what nutes are u using?
  4. They look more over watered than underwatered but they are fed 3 times a day for 30 min plus drain time. I have tried adding extra feedings but it did not seem to help. Lighting is on 24 hours.

    I use fox farm big bloom and grow big hydro and use great white instead of fox farm microbrew and kangaroots for root development.

    I am cleaning the hell out of my system right now bc i just checked the bottom tank and it is dark with algae or some type of fungus. Slimy and brown all over everything and coating the tubing. What would be causing all of these problems??
  5. swith to 20 /4 for the rest of veg ... give them some rest from light i bet ul see a little progress..
  6. Thats it.


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