droopy plants please help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cboswell87, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. ok so I have 2 plants 8 days into flowering and all of a sudden they stated getting droopy 2 days ago. theyre still green so i dont think they are dead. I was hoping they were just over watered so i drilled a couple more drain holes in the bottom of there buckets but they still havent picked up. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  2. some pics would be helpful to us. hard to see what is wrong.
    if the leaves are very wide and droopy id say over watering. i have a 13inch plant in a 5 gallon bucket and i only give it 2 red cups of water tues and thurs and 3 cups on sun.
  3. sounds like its over watered then so should it fix it self
  4. When u water in soil u only wanna water when the top inch to 2 inches are dry. You wanna water until you get some water draining out the bottom to make sure soil is evenly wet, let dry than repeat. That easy.

    As for drooping it could be over watering or the soil is too compact not letting enough air in when it's wet suffocating the roots. Is there perlite or vermiculite in your soil
  5. sorry i havent posted an update. fml the plants got covered with cedar dust and died. lesson learned dont sand wood in your grow room.
  6. Wow thats tough man, better luck next time
  7. Plenty of room for improvement next grow man, remember Caesar didnt grow dank in a day!
    Im on my first too and have made a few mistakes. but theres always next time to get the best out of what I got!
    Good luck on the next one!
  8. it was my second attempt at an indoor grow. first time mice ate my plants lol i took care of those little heads tho. I order some autos from single seed. blue mystic, onyx, and vertigo. Im almost complete with my grow cab just ewaiting on a few more parts and the funds to finish. its a veg/ flower cab.each half is 26 inches long by 16 and is 3 feet tall shold have plenty of room for 8 plant perpetual grow as long as i lst. both sides have 8 40 watt cfl 4 soft white and 4 daylight. inside is painted flat white and I have plenty of air flow. plus its not in the same room that i do my wood working.
  9. pics man pics!

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