Droopy plants, look dead

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Markeryu, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Been doing the same thing with these two plants, but one is great and the other is fucked up.
    Tap water, watered every 3 days, Under one 42w CFL (just until I put them outside in a few days), unknown potting soil, urine diluted 1/10 as fertilizer every 3 days with the water (don't judge me, I'm not spending money on real ferts until they're a few weeks bigger)

    Looks like bad overwatering to me but they both were watered the same, same soil, same water, same time, etc.

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  2. Hey, you're plants need to be transplanted?
    FYI, never put a plant in a wax paper cup....you'll get mold and fungus attacking the roots...plus root rot.

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  3. ...urine diluted 1/10 as fertilizer every 3 days with the water

    will do it cut that to less than 5% but first none just water for 2 weeks

    unknown potting soil don't help, always avoid dirt

    above all potup real soon or your labors will have been in vain

    good luck
  4. Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback and info. I'm almost 99% sure its root rot so I transplanted and watered with a tiny bit of h2o2 mixed with water.

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