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  1. hey guys,

    Im growin my plant indoors and in soil. Its been goin very well until about two days ago when it started to appear like my leaves were getting too big for the plant. A few of them are really weighing down the branches. I just topped for the second time and wanted to make sure and get an opinion before i stress the poor thing out more by triming it. Its on its 5th week and from the get go has been short and bushy. Take a look and leme know what you think.

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  2. It's fine...keep doing what you're doing.
  3. so i noticed your leaves seem to be curling too and your soil looks wet..

    how often do you water. do you water with tap water? do you let the water sit out a day or so to let the chlorine dissipate? do you ph test you water or ph correct?

    if you over water theres your problem. let the soil dry out she'll be fine.

    if you under water. then you should water and it should recover in 2-5 hours.

    if you dont ph adjust your water and you have high or low ph of your soil (less then 5.5 or more then 6.8) then you could be showing early signs of nute lock out. often you will notice purpleing of stems and veins in the leaves along with curling/weak looking leaves (check my signature for a link on phosphorus deficiency)

    today i just bought 6 gallons of spring water, tested the water with my ph adjusting kit that cost 20$ and flushed my plants untill the runn off water showed 6.5 ph. i had to use 5.5 ph water to achieve 6.5 rather then the 7.5-8ph i had previously...

    good luck. pm me if you have any questions

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