Droopy plant since being put into flower

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  1. Ok my plants just went into flower on the 6th of may and since then a few of them have been droopy and I don't know why!

    Soil- fox farms original
    Water- tap
    Ph- 6.5
    Nutes- 2.5 ml floranova grow
    2.5 ml floranova bloom
    .75 ml koolbloom
    .50 ml floralicous plus
  2. These were taken right before lights out! I flushed them yesterday with plain tap water ph'd to 6.5 temps range from 68-78
    Lights are 16-20 inches away! All my plants in veg look great so I don't understand what is going on!

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  3. Give them all a shot of good flower nutes
    with a high P ratio.

    They will recover nicely.

  4. Ok I will give them I nice feeding of flowering nutes as soon as the soil drys up! I am using the general hydroponic lines of nutes which is

    Floranova grow
    Floranova bloom
    Floralicous plus
    Flora nectar

    What would u recommend me putting in for this early of flowering?
  5. Once the light flip occcurs, the hormones change,
    and so do the nute requirements.

    Feed the one with the highest P value.


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