droopy plant! please help!

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  1. ok, so my plants have been in the budding process for 3 weeks now. one has recently witherd and died. but it looked like shit to begin with so im not to worried about that one.

    but now, another one of my plants is starting to wilt. ive looked through most of the threads in this forum and it looks just like a plant thats not getting enuf water. but its getting plenty.

    a few days ago i put them in fresh soil (miricle grow potting mix) which is the same soil they have been in the whole time.

    i also cut off all the big shade leaves on it a few weeks ago as well. i dont think that would have anything to do with it because its only starting to droop now.

    so with that in mind is there any reason why its doing this? and do any of you know how to fix it?

    if you need a picture let me know and i will post one.

  2. that can't be good... i'm no pro, but, i think they need the big shade leaves???.........good luck:confused:.
  3. that might be it. but if it was wouldent it start to droop right after that happends and not 3 weeks later?
  4. no man...unfortunately, the shit i did 3 weeks ago is bitein me in the ass right now...do everything right...right now,...and your plant will perservier...shade leaves store food...don't do it again...:eek:cheers.
  5. well in that case would a little extra fertalizer help even tho they are already in soil with added fertalizers?

  6. NO NO NO:eek::eek::eek:...let em get a good night sleep and we can fix while they rest!!!say night night:p...pics would be good plus add in the laundry list info from ganja guerrillas' posts...read his posts then get back with info...you will be just fine...relax:D
  7. is there a link to find that guys posts? cuz there is no search bar anywere on here that i can find to look for his shit.

    well heres a picture...

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  8. your droop is most likely from nitrogen toxicity, when you transplanted to fresh MG soil which contains high amounts of nitrogen, additionally the fan leaves you removed (start thinking of them as bud engines) should have helped absorb some of that nitrogen, but its all been directed to the few leaves you have left on the plant
  9. click on his name to read all his posts...he has a laundry list for ya...;)

  10. thank you. so could this problem be fixed by replanting it again in normal topsoil?
  11. dont worry about the toxicity droop that wont go away now,
    I wouldnt transplant , youve already messed up your yield considerably removing all the fan leaves

    If anything, & the plants shows signs of getting worse, when the soil is dry, flush with ph corrected water 3 times the volume of the containers to leech some of the excess ferts 1 gal pot = 3 gal flush

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