Droopy Leaves

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Lost_Soul, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. When my plant stays in the light for more then a few hours it just starts to droop and look like its about to die. When I put it back in the dark it returns to its normal healthy self!! What is the problem? (I water it well, not too much though)
  2. Too much heat, not enough ventilation.
  3. I thought that so I moved it outside and it still does it, is there anything else that would cause this?
  4. BPP had it right on that call,,,,normally that would likely be the cause...suffocation.

    But now it sounds as if when the plant works at all it causes undo stress,,,,check the medium,and root condition,,,,possibly,,ph,,overfert,,overwater,,problem..not allowing nutes to be used properly..

    try flushing the medium with at least 3 times the container size by volume,,with fresh water,,,then wait and watch for recovery..

  5. This is not a reply but i have no clue to where i go to post ne thing??????? I have a Question! I have some plants that are around 3 moths old and tha weather just got really BooTy,So i moved em inside...Tha plant's leaves started getting DrOOpY so I put em back outside on a sunny day and tha leaves were back to normal,But then tha weather turned back to normal so i put em back inside Then tha leaves are now DrooPy... I have some grow lights and mirrors but they arnt working????? My boy said it wuz because i had to water tha leaves too????? <--------IS THIS TrOo???????? AND WHAT IN THA HELL IS CAUSING MY CROP TO LOOK BAD?????????

  6. I don't have a clue what booty weather is? To me booty weather is when it rains you out of work and you stay in bed trying to get some booty all day. But what is your definition of booty weather?

    I think your plant is not getting enough light indoors. What kind of light source do you use when the weather turns all booty on you?
  7. Not that I am an expert at all, but there is another factor to consider which depends on how you are growing (in ground, or planter pot/bucket of some sort). If you're in the ground, excuse this post. For all others, as your plant begins to grow, the soil's acidic level will rise, and the plant to soil ratio will start to even out (cuz plant is getting bigger and soil stays that same amount. Try adding some LIME (found at any nursery) to you soil to lower the ph level. I have heard this can be another cause of droopy plants. However, since your plants perk up in the dark, this may not be the case. Listen to the experts on this one, but for those of you who cant find the reason for droopyness, give this a try.

    Hope this helps.
  8. Thanks for all the help fellas. I think the problem was just the heat, it has been about 35 degrees here (100+ F) and thats outside!! SO my apartment gets a lot hotter. I have just been giving them a little extra water and it seems to be working.
  9. ahhhh.... its so nice when you figure out the problem before all goes wrong.....nice recovery.
  10. Booty Weather,
    Booty wheather is shitty wheather like when tornado's are circulin roud ur house and lotz of rain and high winds and everything is going APESHIT!!!!!!!! MY CROP IS DOING FINE NOW, I dunno where all tha leavez went though.....I think the wind blew em all off.... I went out side to check on it one morning and all tha leaves were gone=) I think there wuz a giant heard of cattipillars or well, who fuckin knows but tha root is still green so...... GOD HELP ME ON THIS ONE!
  11. maybe if the weather goes "apeshit" again then you could put the plant in the house and instead of mirrors(that obsorb instead of reflect light) glue like tin foil to card bord thats bent in theshape you want. just face the dull side towards the plants to make it reflect more.and maybe a spray bottle to spray the leaves.even some c02 would prob work good.i dunno but its worth a shot!

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