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  1. Hey everyone. I have a Lowryder#2 plant growing. She will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. I have her in fox farm ocean forest soil. I have her in a 2gallon pot. I am seeing alot of droopy leaves with some purple coloring on the leaf stem. I was wanting to know is this ok or what could be wrong with her? any help would be great. My Plant Grow 003.jpg

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  2. The drooping is likely from overwatering and/or heat.

    Do you know what happened to the missing leaf portions?
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    yes my lights slid down and was touching the plant. My temps stay at 75-80 never over that. I only water with a bottle of water, so I easy on water.
  4. Watering problems and heat stress are really the only issues that cause that sort of drooping. Root suffocation can cause it but that's almost always a result of overwatering, root binding and/or poor soil. You're using a good type of soil and the container seems plenty large enough for the plant's size.

    Some information that should be helpful:
    How often do you water? Do you spray the plants at all? How dry does the soil get between waterings? What light(s) are you using? How do you check the temps? How is ventilation handled?
  5. I water every couple of days. I dont spray my plants. should I? I use just a single bottle of water when I water, so the soil gets dry between waterings. I am using 6 CFLs. I have a 120mm pc at the top of my box for outtake. I have 3 holes in the bottom of the box foe intake. I also have a small fan inside the box.
  6. The answer isn't obvious so try some trial & error. I'd start with increasing airflow by either adding an intake fan or leaving the box open awhile, if possible.

    Spraying isn't necessary and shouldn't be started while the current problem persists.
  7. Just a thought- make sure the fan inside the box isn't working against the intake air; blowing air toward the intake holes & slowing/stopping the air coming in.
  8. thank you for the help. I have the fan on the inside at the other end of the box.
  9. A little water every two days isn't the best way to do it. In fact, it's probably not good. What you want to do is soak the soil, like a flood just hit. Then let it dry out completely. Stick your finger in, if you can feel moisture try again tomorrow. It needs to get good and dry so the roots get oxygen, they grow in search of water, and no mold grows. If you've waited too long, she'll tell you by drooping which goes away almost immediately with a good watering. Far better to wait too long than not long enough.
  10. ok I have tried that too. but its takes like 2 weeks for my soil to dry out. I have re-planted her with more perilite mixed in the soil. I have a alot of drainage holes in her pot. If I soak her, I wont have to water for a week or 2. Then I cant do a water/feeding schedule. I give her alittle at a time. so I can feed nutes, then water, nutes then water again.
  11. Hmm it shouldn't take THAT long. Awfully strange, makes me wonder if there is another problem here. Like Jellyman said, that's great soil, it shouldn't have drainage problems. Are the holes on the bottom clear so they can drip out excess?
    Another thought, when did you do this replanting? Could they just be still stressed from that? That'll make em droopy for a few days depending how rough the move was. How long ago did they get hit by the lights? Could just be stress related and totally temporary.
  12. well its been a few days. I replanted about a week ago because someone said the soil might be over watered. so I moved her into new dry soil and started watering her lightly. The drainage is very clear. I dont water her enough to drain water, if I do it takes like 2 weeks for her to dry out.

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