Droopy leaves + yellowing. Week 4, Please help

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  1. Hi guys,
    First Grow.
    OK this is my blue kush plant.
    Week 4.
    3x 10w led
    2x 23w Cfl
    2" distance from light

    Its winter here got a bit cold in room past 10days.

    Got 2 leaves drooping.
    Some of the top leaves started turning yellow not too much but concerning.

    Attached pics any Idea what's going on?

    Thnx IMG_20180115_091615.jpg
  2. No insult intended, but your soil looks like mud..
    (Miracle Grow perhaps?)
    You need proper soil and NOT something with time release nutes in it..Perlite is also needed.
    We need more info to help

    Watering habits/PH?
    Pots, drainageetc
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  3. looks like a bit of nute burn on lower leaves as well ..soil could be a bit hot or you have feed them when they didnt need feeding ,,,bit more info please ,,,mac,,
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  4. Lol none taken.
    It is miracle grow. Not really miracle though.
    Watering every 2 to 3 days, until it drains a little bit out the holes at the bottom.
    PH balanced.
    Its a plastic pot.

    3x 10w led
    2x 23w Cfl
    2" distance from light

    Ps. Soil is cold to the touch.
  5. What can or should I do?
    Any suggestions?
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    I would get her out of there..The time release nutrients will hurt or even kill your plants..Just tyoe soil in the Grass city search box and get something else..

    Plz read here and learn all about it..Also Plastic pots are ok, but fabric pots are way better..almost impossible to over water (killer of cannabis) in a fabric pot.
    Your lighting will never produce anything worth while in flower too..
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  7. If you are in the USA, lots of choices are out there..I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest (too hot for seedlings too), but I mix it with FF Happy Frog and 20% perlite (Happy Frog has Mycos beneficial microbes in it)
    Then you will need nutrients ..I like Canna Brand, but they are pricey.
    If you are in a legal state, go to a local grow shop and ask around, assuming they seem to know about weed.
  8. Besides..Monsanto took over Miracle grow, Scotts, GH and who knows who else..Monsanto sux!
  9. Thnx for the quick reply.
    I will be changing the soil.
    Will the bottom leaves Bounce back?

    And I have more lights, just didn't think it needed more lights at this stage.

    So, Im leaning towards the soil being the problem, and it being nutrient burn.

    How often should I water?
    Its in a small pot.

    Will change to bigger pot when I do the transplant.
  10. YES..no need for more light in seedling stage..
    Transplanting is stressful and do it carefully.
    Water only when the soil dries out..put your finger in about knuckle deep; if it feels dry..time to water..
    Leaves will droop and stems will also droop if they get too thirsty!!
    Leaves will droop and stems will stand up at a 45 Degree angle if overwatered..
    I water when the pot feels lite (meaning dry)..easy to learn and best indicator besides the leaves..
    Seems over whelming, but it is not..Genetics, Lighting, nutrients are the keys..in that order.
  11. Bigger the pot..bigger the plant and the yield..Except for Autos..I would start in a solo cup and transplant when the leaves reach the outer circumference of the cup..Since fabric pots, allow the roots to air prune themselves, the plants will do MUCH better anyway. Google smart pots and there is tons of info out there.
  12. No, the bottom leaves are what they are..the new growth should improve fast if you do transplant.

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