Droopy leaves on plants help!!

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  1. My plants have been droopy the last two days. I checked the soil and it was completely dry is that why they are droopy? I watered them today so I will see tomorrow if they are any better.
  2. There it is. Looking a little droopy

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    Give em a shit load of water. theyll stand up in about 5 min. Its not a bad thing to let your plants get to that point before watering them though.. the roots like both the wet and the dry.
  4. Alright I did earlier today. I can take a pic tomorrow to sho u how there doin.
  5. Are they getting enough sun? It looks like they're pretty shaded.
  6. Sumwhat. I'm moving then to better sun. I had to keep em stealthy. But I got a new spot
  7. The plants are doing good. I moved em to better sunlight after I took this pic:)

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  8. An animal of some sort came to my grow op and tipped 2 of my buckets. One was a 5 gallon and other was a 50l garabge can with 2 of my biggest plants. The 5 gallon plant was toast but the other two in the garbage bin were saveable i think. I took both and replanted them in the barabge can. One had its stalk broken but it still stands straight so i think it will grow if the root system is stong enough to keep them alive. They just started to flower so im worried about them, by the looks of the plants they will be lucky if they live because the root system was mangeled. Its been three days since the bins were tipped and the plant with the broken stalk is hardly droopy and it showing signs of new growth. What do you guys think about these troubled girls, and how much do u think it will affect there first few weeks of flowering. Will they live? ;(
  9. Send a pic there's no tellin unless we can see how bad it is. And I don't think it will. My friend had deer run over his one year. Put mothballs and piss all around ur gro site so no animals come

  10. DUDE! How big of pots were they in!?!? Were the whole plants taken in their pots? :(:(:(:(

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