Droopy leaves, need help!

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  1. This is my first time growing and I noticed after switching to flowering the leaves are starting to curl down. I have 400w hps light going with a small fan for circulation in a closet. Am i overwatering too much or is it nutrient related? It's just the one right now for trial and error. PH level is between 6 and 7 as well. Any help is appreciated

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  2. it doesn't look that bad trust me, but you may be overwatering, how often have you been watering?
    the other possibility is that it may be too hot in the room with that hps in the closet, do you have the closet closed and if so do you have an intake or outake inline fan or both to move the hot air out or cold air in??
  3. only water when the pot feels light, if you stick your finger gently inside the soil you can feel the difference between wet soil or dry soil on your finger tip. If it seems like you can go deep without your finger feeling moist then it probably needs water
  4. Lastly, I see you have your plant on carpet. Carpet plus the hps light, might want to put like a white piece of plywood to cover the floor. Carpet radiates a lot of heat.
  5. This is important to know as well if you don't know already...
    the temperature of the leaf is always about 10 degrees hotter inside the leaves. So you want your light as close as possible that is not too hot. So if the canopy is at 70 degrees then inside the leaf is about 80, this is a good temp to be around. but if your light is too close and makes the canopy like 80, then its really about 90 inside and not healthy for cellular function, just my opinion
  6. Awesome info. Appreciate it. I water them almost every 2 days or so. The soil is dry up to my knuckle and using that to water or not. I didn't know about the carpet having an effect but makes sense now. I keep one door open and let the fan (Walmart circle type) run towards the plants. Might be too hot still. Im saving up to get a grow tent and real vent system going for later.

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