droopy leaves and look like their dying. HELP!

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  1. My leaves seem small and shit... can someone tell me what's wrong? Also the stem from halfway up is a purple red, and so are the branches. What's up with it?
  2. Just give it time, they are still young. First things first, u need to wait and see the sex of the plant. Otherwise she (hopefully she) is lookin pretty good.
  3. Cool thanks bro! Have you heard anything about grapefruit? I got seeds outa a bag of "grapefuit" from a dispensary. Do you know of any site that will explain some aspects of certain strains?
  4. Try smokereport.com, otherwise Im not sure about what u got there
  5. Checked it out and no info I can use D: haha w/e, ill figure it out
  6. Hey man there starting to look great how old are they? And also don't worry about reddish stems its normal i guarantee you it won't all be red.
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    Your back Luke! if you wanna follow this plant, I have a few threads Bout lst. I'll post pics here to catch you up

    Also they were planted 11/11/11 so like a little over a month?
  8. Here's an update for whoever wants to know

    Not much new growth xD

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