droopy leaves and look like their dying. HELP!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by SmokyMcBluntz91, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Thank you thank you haha ill check it out and shit :D
    Can't wait to see my plants tomorrow morning :D stupid light cycles gettin in the way of me stalking my girls all day xD
  2. powdery mildew is my guess, easily mistaken for crystals and can be enduced by underwatering, which is definetely ur issue bud. Remember, u need to keep all the soil moist, not just the part u can see:D
  3. Ways to fix it? Will transplanting help get rid of the mildew?
  4. No transplant will not cure, try buying something to measure your rh and keep it around 40% or so. And make sure your soil is good and dry before watering. Dont judge watering by the top of the soil looking dry, go by weight. You potted plant should loose about 2/3 of its weight when it needs water.
  5. Kk, ill get it checked.. any good organic ph changers? I think my ph is either 7-8 :/
  6. Have you looked at that link I posted? Once u start nutes it will come down a bit. My water is 7.4 before nutes and 6.2 after.
  7. Oh yeah, try a little lemon juice to lower ph. Not the best but its natural and cheap.
  8. I can post my most recent pics right now

    This one is the one that was dying a week ago

    And this one was doing awesome till a week ago

    Told you they switched... ill get more pics up tomorrow morning
  9. Hey, I'm completing my tub tonight, I had 1 power strip taped to the wall of the tub, would it be better to hang it from the top, or just keep it on the side? Its just cfls
  10. Top would be best
  11. How would that work? Should I just hang it down or strap it to the lid?
  12. Wait I may have read that wrong, is it just a power strip or light strip? Power, who cares. What ever is out of the way. Light, def hang from above. As far as ways to hang.......not sure, never set things up that way before.
  13. Np, thx.
    Ill post pics when I figure out what to do haha
  14. Hey! Got an update!

    I finally got it transplanted, and scrapped the bad one, it was dead. So down to 1! Hopefully it ain't male xD

    Here's some pics of box open/closed and one of the surviving plant

    Idk if it posted, but here it is!

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  15. Lookin alot better, should try puttin two lights on the opposite side so u have 2 on each side.
  16. Definately get on that! Question.
    Do any of you think that I could lst 1 plant in a 45 gal sterelite tub and be successfull? If not, I got another tub to put on top
  17. Bigger is always better, My room is 4x4x8 and I am already expanding to 8x8x8!!
  18. I think that first one might have died from root rot. Those party cups weren't full and it looks like they might have even been cut at the top, making the cup even smaller. I didn't read the entire thread but I didn't see anybody mention that. The party cups are usually used for 2 weeks when they are full to the top. Hope this helps for next time and good luck!
  19. Yeah, its my first time, so I may have fucked up... but whatever, its a random bagseed I found haha I'm picking up blue dynamite clones from a shop in a couple weeks, so hopefully I know better haha

    Also, when should I lst? When it gets bigger?
  20. Update! Here's a new pic of it, finally got the 5 blades! Wooo!

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