droopy leaves and look like their dying. HELP!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by SmokyMcBluntz91, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Nothin wrong with temps in my opinion either. How long have they been in cups? Might wait a bit to trans plant so you dont further stress and shock the little girls.
  2. Yeah... I'm gonna wait 1 more week.
    Here's some pics of them now
    First pic is of the one that WAS dominating.
    And second is of the plant that just turned around and got better haha shitty tho...
  3. ^^

    Can't upload pics D: ill try when I get to a computer
  4. Can't get pics up D: 1 of my plants is doing better, but the new growth is coming in weird, but they are a good green, so I'm happy. I'll get pics up as soon as I can
  5. Nice to hear there coming back :)
  6. The other one looks like it is dead. If its leaves are still on the plant, but its droopy, thinned out and tacoing is it still alive?
  7. More than likely rooted mate. Pics? Lol

  8. make sure they drain well on the bottom. make sure light is not too close also. and do you see small fungus gnats flying around?
  9. Heyy, does mold grow on the plant, or can it grow on the top soil?
  10. Both, if the soil is to moist and never dries out mold can grow. Also if your rh is to high it can grow on the plant as well .
  11. Or so ive been told!! :)
  12. Ta84 what is RH
  13. It looks like mold a lil :/ but just on top. I'm gonna transplant on Friday to FFOF. Doin it big haha :D ill keep you updated
  14. Realative humidity, I keep mine around 40% to keep mold down.
  15. Also if your using just ffof put the soil in your pots and flush it with water and let it sit a day before transplanting. Ive had good siccess doing that cause ffof is a pretty hot soil on its own. Thats why I mix mine half and half. Just a thought, hope the girls get better!!
  16. Half fox farm and half happy frog sound like a good balance? I've heard the happy frog soil is not as hot
  17. Thats what I do.
  18. Awesome! And any advice on nutrients and how I should do it after transplant? Like start right after transplant or wait a bit
  19. Wow I posted a link!!!! Lol Easier than I thought. Not a computer person

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