droopy leaves and look like their dying. HELP!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by SmokyMcBluntz91, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Hey, I have 2 plants and 1 was looking fine 2 days ago, and now they both look like this!
    What's wrong!

    They are in MG seedstarter and I was gonna transpalnt tomorrow. What's wrong? Are they salvagable?

    Also, only been using distilled water, no nutes yet.

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  2. Noone can help? Really?
  3. they look sad. =( id say its that shitty MG soil or not enough water or too much water
  4. Any different symptoms for over/underwatering? So I know which one I did?

    I only water them every 2 days with a spray bottle to keep the soil moist.
  5. Mate from your last post i think you might be underwater seeing you said that the top is moist bit dry underneath get a tray of water and sit the party cup on it and let the water wick up into the bottom of the cup it might be bone dry down there. You need to water them not just mist the top soil so its wet.
  6. Ill do it definatrely! Thank you for the advice! So far, your my best friend on this site Luke hahaha
    Ill keep you updated, good sir :D
  7. No worries mate i hope that is the problem. sweet keep me updated i want these babys to live :D good luck
  8. Yeah sounds like they need water. If it is rooted it can uptake its own water and nutes. It needs more than just folier now. I give mine a real light grow solution snd thats it.
  9. I'm gonna let them take up water from the bottom and see how that goes. If they just decide to die on me, ill germ 2 more of my bag seeds and start all over again haha. They have been producing LOTS of crystals on the leaves, even though they look sad, they seem to be trying still. Their my little tanks hahaha
  10. Should be no crystals man lol
  11. Lol, crystals....... Shouldnt have any of those yet.
  12. I watered them today. Actually watered this time haha I hope they livee. If not, I'm gonna get clones and learn from my mistakes..

    Thank you guys for your help (unless your bashing me, its my first grow, go easy)
  13. No bashing, we all start somewhere. Keep is posted, water should def help the girls out.
  14. Thx guys, and if its not crystals growing on the leaves, what is it? It looks like crystals, and when I put an led to the plant, it shines. Any ideas? I don't think its bad haha but I've been proven wrong at every step xD
  15. Hopefully not some kind of mold idk. Can u post pics of the crystals?
  16. Odd... it seems like the one that was dying is getting better and the strong one that was a little droopy is getting worse. They switched places! Those bastards... haha
  17. Shit that's good for the 1st plant bad for second idk just keep a good eye on them, do u know the.temps of.your grow room?
  18. Yee, they are like 80-81 durring day and 69 at night, is that bad?
  19. Nope there good mine are a bit lower but there in the range still got them in party cups? What i do is i buy clear cups and wrap the cup in duct tape so the roots see no light but the very bottom is still clear when the bottom is getting full with roots i transplant them :)
  20. Good idea haha well, its the dark cycle right now, but I hope they look better soon :/ or else ill have to resort to blue dream clones from the local shop

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