Droopy leaves, 4 weeks indoor transplant

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    hey guys, I have recently transplanted my clones of purple kush x bubba kush outdoors in my sunny climate of the interior of bc.

    The plants havnt grown at all and have been outdoors for 3 weeks. Leaves are droopy, and some have really bright light green leave on top.
    Also some browning around the edges of the fan

    Some say its nute deficiency or a ph problem.

    but i have planted in with a 13-13-13 slow release
    And Organicare Pure

    Organicare CALPLEX - OMRI Certified Calcium Supplement

    I used a 70-30 potting soil/native soil mix..

    basicly my questions are:

    1. How do i test ph of water
    2. How do i adjust soil ph once i have transplanted
    3. what to you think droopy leaves/brown edges are from?
    4. should i also use a liquid nute?

    oh and btw: my plants were vegged indoors for 4-5 weeks and were about 12inches tall when transplanted.
  2. sometimes it takes plant a little bit of time to adjust to the sun.as far as ph ur in the ground so topdress plants with some lime cant hurt.Burnt edges are usually a sign of over fert but since u jus transplanted it could b from the sun
  3. alright thanks Brown! im going to check the ph of the soil just incase. maybe nute lock? i im just worried cuz ive invest sooooo much time/effort for me to fuck it up! thanks for the quick reply ill get some pics up next time i go to my plot

    also what do u think of my nute selection? the lady at the store said its easy only hve to water this way..
    any suggestions?
  4. Getting nute lock in the ground is kinda difficult to do unless your growing in pure clay and its acting like a container even then it would b hard.as far as ur nutes with the slow release bein in ur hole i'd go with strait water for most part.U could prob still hit em with some grow once a month er so.what brand is the 13-13-13?I'd probly just used the organicare. you should b fine until flowering.If the droop continues get back to me and get me a pic if possible.

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