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  1. Hi everyone, just recently started a new grow quick catch up previous grow had a CLF red and blue spectrum light.

    My new plants were doing perfectly my ph is at 5.8-5.9 as im currently using canna pro + soil and thats what they recommend for this pro soil, they were doing great until i bought myself a mars hydro light(felt like i needed to upgrade as CFL isnt very good) my leafs are now droopy, i learnt from my old crop about over watering etc so ive been leaving them til the right time to water/feed (pot being light) my mars hydro light was very close to my plants, ive seen plants can get TOO much light, everything was fine until the new light i have just this second raised it incase thats the problem, would this issue of it being to close cause them to sag. I havent got any bugs, gnats, flies, spider mites nothing, all is good along with no deficiencies,

    Any ideas would he great on this

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  2. Nothing rob so with the light man, there would be other problems such as leaves curling and it getting light burn if it was to much light - but the new light would of raised the temps a fair bit, keep an eye on that... I don't think that's what's causing the problem.. I know you said you keep an eye on over or under watering, but now it's hotter and the lights a lot stronger you will need to water ore often - this is just my opinion and I'm still learning my self.
  3. Thanks for your reply man, i believe it was the light being to close, since ive raised it they have sorted themselves out, youtube is always good for research ive found out, my room temp is good so being to hot isnt an issue, just wish i could put them into flower, but im going to wait another week or 2 before that as i can wait to try my new strain

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