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  1. Quick explanation as to why my plant droops for about an hour every day but then perks back up and is fine? I live in SoCal.. Warm and humid here lately. I've read up on nutrients and whatnot but I don't think it's that because she is not droopy all the time and her color is fabulous.

    Any info would be helpful. I'll try to snag a picture of her today when it happens.
  2. what time of the day does it happen?
  3. Early afternoon-- the hottest part of the day. I thought maybe that was the cause, but I wanted to make sure it's nothing else.
  4. Hey Hi Howdy there,
    Simple case of afternoon droopsies from the heat, nothing more...
    Does she perk up immediately after watering? Is she in the ground, smartpot?
    My girls in the smartpots seem to do that due 2 the aeration of the roots...they just overheat on days like today(100f here).. if she perks up immediately after watering, its just becuz youve cooled her aching root zone...no big deal Id say.
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    You have two names?

    My plants do the same when hot. For my plants it depends on how much water is in the soil as well. When they are well watered they tend to droop some on hot hot days. When they are close to needing water is when I see the leafs perking near vertical in some strains. No facts to back what I am saying. It's just what I noticed over the years. I even see leafs perking up at night when plants need water. Got lots of pics of this in my 2011 thread. I can dig the page up if you care to see. I was tripping when I would see a few plants with leafs sticking up like in full sun. Then they other plants would be doing the normal night sleep I call it.

    Here is the pic of the leafs not sleeping at night.


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