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  1. srry I didnt research this thoroughly like I should have, Im kinda busy today

    check out this plant


    can anyone tell me y the leaves are droopy? or y they think they might be drooping?? this plant is in 18/6under a 400WHPS this is right towards the end of the 18. she was watered two days ago.

    thanks any help or speculation is appreciated.
  2. poor soil & overwatering I believe, answer what you can & we will sort you out

    1. hydro, soilless or Soil & brand name of soil ?
    2. PH of reservoir solution?
    3. PH soil runoff?
    4. PH of water?
    5. Age of plants?
    6. What Fertilizer, dosages, and frequency?
    7. lites, wattage & proximity to plants
    8. Light cycle. 24/0,, 18/6,, 12/12?
    9. In light cycle how long?
    10. Room temps or reservoir temps
  3. Wow!! Thanks for the response GG, ur reputation precedes u :D:D

    1. Soil, a 50/50 Mix of Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Fox Farm Planting Mix with 20-30% Pelrlite (MG Prelite all I could find)

    2. no res

    3. PH runoff 6.5

    4. PH of water 6.5

    5. Plant is almost 2 months old

    6. Ive been giving it half strength Fox Farm Grow big (1/2 teaspoon per gallon) every watering (every 3-4 days) for the past few weeks.

    7. Ive switched up the lights started with T5 (2 foot 4 bulb 8000 lumen) and recently switched to a 400WHPS. the HPS sits about 20 inches above plants


    9. been in light cycle for aobut a month now I believe

    10. Room temps were a problem (93!!) but Ive gotten them down (78-84 range thruout day and night)

    thanks again man!!!!
  4. your soil is ok........ the photos aren't the best, didnt look like there was any perilite

    Besides the obvious overwatering issues, the only thing I can see since the PH is good is your ferts dont impress me
    Fox F Grow Big NPK: 3-2-6 (more of a hydroponic ferts) I use NPK: 24-8-16 with micronutrients big difference eh?.....you dont need to switch to my fert recommendation , although you really should for the lousy $8, but you need to bump up the juice, and back off your watering amounts and frequency, pickup the pot dry.....feel the weight.....now water the plant and feel the weight again, only water when it feels light, you will get to know the plant in time and the amounts it really wants
    also put a fan on the plant to keep air circulation going to dryout the topsoil

    Vegatative cycle fertilizer
    Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food (they make several fertilizers be sure its this one)
    Fertilizer Analysis: 24-8-16 with micronutrients
    2 level "Teaspoons" per gallon of water, (reduce this by 50% first time application) use this as your water, feed every other watering till flowering

  5. Thanks!! Yeah Ill def check out that other fertilizer. I didnt THINK I was overwatering and I AM checking plant weight - but Ill be more careful about that, I realize overwatering is the number one problem with newbies.

    The perlite in the pic is the whitish stuff. the pic is a blurry cellphone pic but the perlite to me is clear. I can post more pics or u can check the later page of the journal in my thread for digital pics if u want.

    Shes perked up a little throughout the day, and I get the feeling this is like a daily cycle of the plant maybe??? does anyone else experience this???? like the plant droops then stands up throughout the day?? thanks again Ill check out that fert for sure!!!

    PS I read a thread ( think it was urs ) about miracle gro all purpose and loved the thread!!! It was convincing. Also, what do u mean about the fan drying the topsoil are u saying this might be a little deceptive as to when to water??? thanks again
  6. This info does change the diagnosis somewhat

    rootbound in itself can cause drooping, let the soil dry out till it shrinks from the sides of the pot, turn the pot upside down, the plant will almost side right out of the pot ....check to see if the problem is rootbound you will also be correcting any possible overwatering

    I have seen this scheduled droop personally from rootbound plants, when you water & much of the water goes thru the pot because its mostly roots & not enough organic material to retain water the plant gets just enough, then thru the light cycle the plant gets hot transpiration begins, after its been loosing the water the lights go off, the plant colapses a bit, as it rests up, this also seems to happen more often to plants that are trained to be watered frequently.

    I have also personally found that light stress, can cause this, moving a plant thats been in low light conditons....flouros to 2-1000w hps, I have one strain that seems to stress out for 5-10 days, then it gets used to the lites and is fine.

  7. your CRAZY man!!! Thats some SERIOUS information thank you SO much, just those few paragraphs are like a gold mine to me, I read them 3 times already!!!! ur the man I know the solution to my problem lies within that "scripture" lol. thank you man!!!! +Rep

    Ill let u know in a day or two what the word is after I try these techniques and remedies. cuz I DID just switch lights, and they are trained to be wateres about every 3 days, they MAY be rootbound too so I gotta check it out. thanks agian man I really appreciate the responses and all that information
  8. So I grabbed some fert. . . . . this is it right?????


    tried it today. Im going to read back over some of ur info right now and edit this post.

    Question, could u hit me with the link to r MG thread?? lll look for it right now but just in case.

    I havent checked to see if I have any rootbound plants, but I DO see roots when I look at the drainage holes of one of my pots. should I repot?? let me know what you think.

    here are the plants today group shot


    let me know what you think thank you again for ur help. sorry for the lack of punctation im blown.
  9. hey i used that fert with my first grow.. not too bad i started out with a big spoon fulll( the spoon that comes with it) pergallon of water and only watered it a few times a week, and i didnt give it ferts every time i watered it.. i think it was every other time, i was growing MPK5, no1 really knows wut that is, but its nice, more for the high than the taste...

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