Droopy clones

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by 967, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. My clones always droop in veg like they have been over or under watered. Why is this? I've tried watering them less and that makes no difference. They come right usually when i put them in my flower room, sometimes a little before

    Don't monitor humidity or temp in my veg room so either of those could be the problem i guess. Does anyone else have the same problem? Usually peoples veging coco plants seem to look fine
  2. Usually to do with the root system and how much light they're getting. If the roots aren't developed enough then bright light will wilt them.
  3. Sounds like it's environmental....Getting the conditions in the veg room to what they are in the flower room might do the trick.....
  4. Sounds to me like they've just developed a good root system by the time they go into the flower room, maybe a bit before. Could be wrong. Need to know more details, like how long they're vegging for and that.
  5. Usually veg for a few weeks with no dark cycle. I believe roots grow best in the dark yes? Main reason i have it 24/7 is cos i don't have a timer but also its winter, pretty damn cold here. But i think TheWatcher might be right as i left one clone in a cup sized pot for weeks and it perked up once the plant got bigger. I think i just transplant too soon or something along those lines..
  6. A small ceramic heater will bring the temps in line. If you happen to get a small heater make sure you get a good one with a good thermostat and have good ventilation for the air exchange. I lost a crop of 4 plants last winter during the vegging phase when the thermostat went out and the room temp got to 120 degrees. Fried to a CRSIP. They were green but crispier than fried bacon.

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