Drooping tissue feeling leaves...

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by MetalMags, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Hey fellas, this is my first post but i've read just about all of everyone elses'. According to my diagnosis i over-watered my plant to give it this drooping look and feel. My only question is that i have been looking for what a pH level problem looks like in the plants. For instance is there a chance that My pH levels are off and that i have not been over-watering. I have a 400w HPS closet set-up with a 2 foot white widow 2 feet from the HPS. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'll be updating photos ASAP.
  2. What's the ph?
  3. Overwatering can cause droopy leaves as well as light green or yellow leaves. That is probably your issue. A Ph issue can come in many forms, one of the more common is to have leaves where the veins of the leaf are lighter colored than the leaf material itself.
  4. Yeah that's what i figured, thanks fellas. I was looking for solutions to over-watering other than to discontinue watering. I was reading something about a H2O2 solution, or is that only for hydroponics. And completely unrelated but i ordered seeds online and was wondering what the ideal soil to use was. I just experimented with miracle grow and hate everything about it. I hate the pre-included nutrients. I have a vermiculite and perlite for any mixtures i would need to make. Any advice is greatly appreciated thanks.
  5. foxfarm soil is probably the best unless you are good at making compost

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