Drooping new growth and branches

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  1. New to posting in this forum but I always come here for Info. Outdoor grow -2 kinds of plants are bakerstreet and argyle (Indica). Plants are in 18 gal buckets. Approx 1 part perlite and 4- 5 parts black earth/ topsoil. Have used water solubale miracle grow 2 times the past few weeks on the lowest feeding rate. I water them( approx 2 gal of water when top 1" of soil is dry). Yes, water comes out bottom of the pots after doing so. Besides that, I have not given /feed them anything. Today I found 2 drooping branches and also noticed new growth to be droopy as well ( see pics) . My gut is telling me low nutes? Currently doing a soil test but wont have results until tomorrow. I picked up a fertilizer 10-10-10 with the plan to dilute it 4 times the reccomended dosage but thought I would check here first as you guys are the pros! First 2 pics(argyle) show the branch and new growth droopy, and last picture(bakerstreet) the leaves are curling / drooping. I assume both plants have the same issue. I hope it's an easy fix. Any ideas ?? Much appreciated!! 20190618_205305.jpg 20190618_205433.jpg 20190618_205542.jpg
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  2. Update- soil test results (ranges from :very low, low,medium,high

    nitrogen to be in the low-medium range, phosphorous in the high range
    Potassium in the low range

    Soil Ph test showed to be 7.0 neutral.

    I'm still not sure what to do :(

    Hope this info can help one of yours with solving my problem :)!
  3. Crown Royal for the win!
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  4. Any ideas bud?
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  5. No, sorry. I've only ever done organic growing so I don't know much about nutes, etc. Anything my plants dropped it was from under watering.
  6. Ok no prob. That was my goal was to do organic. Only tried the miracle grow 2 times and then did research saying it's not that good. So all you have is good soil then?
  7. Yup.

    More or less this here soil -

    Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners

    Great thread if you want to have a "quick" read.
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  8. Good to know! I'll keep in mind for next tome as it's a little late now Haha.If you know anyone who may be able to help , send them this way! Thanks

  9. Maybe find a spot here or have you thread moved -

    Sick Plants and Problems
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  10. Are you overwatering by chance? Your soil looks like it holds water maybe? If your pH is 7, aim for ~6. If you are using miracle gro on a plant that size I highly doubt it is lacking nutrients. I bet it’s a water or sun problem. What’s your light? Low light conditions might contribute. pH will be an added bonus but not your main issue
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  11. I water when top 1" is dry. Roughly 1 time a week as the temperature is mid 20s deg C. They receive direct sunlight for 10 hours a day roughly. I water 2 gal per plant with water only. To scared to add anything as I dont want it to get worse. The havent had miracle grow for a few weeks. My soil test said the phosphorus was high. You think it could be that?
  12. Hmmm. Honestly I don’t know about the phosphorus being too high. My other idea for you is to get some nice organic nutrients to see if it improves, without carrying risk of nute burn (using miracle gro). I would get some blood meal( nitrogen almost purely) and kelp meal (almost all potassium) and adding it to the soil, or making a top layer, to try and correct a potential deficiency. I still think your soil might be holding a lot of water. You can get a moisture/pH/light meter all in one and get the moisture levels near the bottom
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  13. See the yellow tips on leaves in the picture? That makes me
    Right on man i will do that for sure! You have any suggestions for how much of each I should add?
  14. I think it’s over watered. The white leaf edges and the wilting are characteristics of over watering.
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  15. I can’t tell for sure if it’s white or yellow. Yellow tips would be likely nute burn. White tips would be overwatering
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  16. I'll try the meter first of course but incase
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  17. Yellow tips. And yellow on new leaves with yellow from middle going out
  18. heres a better pic of the tips 20190618_205518.jpg
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  19. 20190618_205518.jpg
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  20. the fat and plump new leaves indicate overwatering and it looks like the beginning of nute burn with the burnt leaf tips.

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