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  1. I have a 14wk old bb and she is under 400w hps with her two sisters--space 4x4, soil mix,enclosed --multiple growing shoots seems fine except the large fan leaves starting from the bottom are looking droopy (not soft and wilting)and are folding under ..not curling under from the tip but kinda tryin to fold in half lengthwise-does anyone know whats the deal?
  2. it could be a potassium defficiancy....a pic would probably get you more help, as it could be something else!! is there any burn marks at the edges of the leaves?.....Peace out.....Sid
  3. I've been researching and i think i figured it out. the drooping started right after i watered two of the plants with a weak fert solution. both plants have drooping green fan leaves starting from the bottom--no fried edges just drooping and curling under from the sides--other than that the plants seem fine. I believe it is overwatering cause my grow space is small and enclosed with reflective plastic(which i open to vent daily) and it gets pretty hot. i was using moisture meter to gauge when the top two inches of soil was dry--but i think the top layer was drying fast cause of the heat--leaving the bottom of the pot still wet.
    i'm not going to water for a few days to see what happens. will the leaves perk up again? any other suggestions?
  4. You need to get yourself a good water meter....one that is like a probe, that depending on how deep you place it will give you an accurate reading on a scale like....1 to 4....1 being dry and 4 being very wet...this way you can tell if you're gonna over water just because the surface is dry....Peace out.....Sid
  5. what should i look for to make sure the plant is recovering? will the leaves return to normal at the bottom? how long should it take?
  6. What i've found when my plant isn't well she'll slump slightly.....once the problem is fixed i noticed the difference on the top leaves first....they would start to reach for the light at like a 45degree angle, and then the bottom ones would turn up slightly.....however i lost the bottom ones....had to prune them as they were too badly damaged....but new ones and more of them replaced them.....Peace out....Sid

  7. It's not likely,,those large leaves at the bottom will go once tweaked like that,,the plant cuts the juice off....check that Ph.....if a slight nute solution made that much of an impact.....

  8. yeah, the bottom leaves are toast but the plant is looking better. i removed the damaged leaves a few days ago--now some of the leaves towards the top have dead spots on the edges of the leaf i'm assuming this is from the same problem.(i could be wrong) got 3 sistas about 14wks almost two ft each- under 400w hps, starting 12/12 today. this is my first flower what should i expect? approx. how long? how much taller will they get? nutes?any info will help.

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