Drooping leaves with bendy stems?? help

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  1. Hi all im growing for the first time. Im growing a single waist deep autoflower bred by heavyweightseeds. She started flowering around a week ago and i just noticed yesterday her older growth is starting to droop and the stems of these leaves are very bendy and pliable with some of her biggest fan leaves starting to turn yellow. Shes being grown in soil with no pests that I can see... Anyone have any idea what this could be? Is it just the plant focusing its energy on the buds or something I should worry about? Thanks.

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  2. a couple of better pics under natural light or in dark with flash on would help us allot more buddy
  3. What medium are you growing in? When was the last time ya fed? What are you feeding? How much do you feed?
  4. I got u bro sorry have no idea how this (or any for that matter) forum works. there's pics of some of the bottom growth, just noticed its a very light green compared to other fan leaves on top of the plant. Also just some general shots of her and also her bendy stems i was talking about

    im growing in compost, watered her just before taking this pics (probably about 2h ago now) last feed was on the 28th of last month(4 days ago). Im only using general hydroponics micro and bloom when feeding and im feeding every other watering(as i said around 3-4 days in between waterings). Im currently using just over 1l every time i water and im using 2ml micro and 4ml bloom/gal when i feed. If it helps im growing in 3.5gal pots. thank you both :)

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  5. Your not watering till runoff are you? Is there perlite in your mix to help with drainage and air?
  6. I am watering until run off but dont let them sit in it at all as i wipe the catch cups straight away and im using small pebbles from the local hydroponic store which serve the same purpose
  7. I’ll bet it’s a root zone problem man
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  8. Would not surprise me honestly its been very hot where i am reaching around 28c and ive read that heat can effect the root zone... Anything I can do or should i just grow her out and learn for next time?
  9. To answer the question for anyone that has the same problem, the drooping was the plants reaction to needing to be watered and the 2 light green fan leaves were lying on the soil when i was feeding which made them take in some nutrients. thanks everyone for their help!

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