Drooping leaves, nitrogen deficiency, and other sorts of tribulations

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  1. Hello folks,

    I posted a few days ago about my unique situation, but here it is again.

    In short, I found this plant on the curb last Sunday.
    It was literally the greatest thing I've ever found. I assume the person who was growing it had to move and couldn't take it. Who knows. Anyway, this is the state I found it in. Growing has always been something I've wanted to do, and now that I'm in a legal state and this fell into my lap I was thrilled to find it. Since then, I've been reading and researching and trying to do my damndest but its condition seems to be degrading and my god these plants are really fickle for a newbie.

    I'm in Colorado and I have it outside facing southwest. According to my weather app, the days are almost exactly 15 hours long at this point in the year.

    Since I brought it home its yellowing problem has gotten worse:
    I've deduced that it looks most like a Nitrogen deficiency, so I got some Fox Farm Big Bloom and Grow Big and added 3 tsp of each to a gallon of water. Gave it its first watering with that yesterday, so I know it's going to take a few days to show any results. I watered it with 2 cups of the water yesterday morning. Just a shot in the dark about the amount of water. Too much? Too little? The potting situtation is strange. The clay pot its in seems to be bottomless, and is put into another larger pot that also has soil in it. I guess this was done to promote drainage?

    Which brings me to my next question about watering and drooping. Today, one side is just really droopy and I don't know if it is underwatering or overwatering:

    It just looks really unhealthy and I don't want to do worse. I haven't watered since yesterday, when I did the two cups with nutes from the gallon I mixed. It seems pretty dry, not dry as a bone, but pretty much dry at the moment but I am just really at a loss if I should water it more, wait, water with less at a time....Super confounding for a newbie.

    Additionally, I noticed that a lot of the tops of the plants where new growth is happening is kind of tilted over:

    I just don't know what's going on. It's sure as f distressing me, though. What's my course of action, here? Help! Please! This shit is making me super anxious!
  2. And lemme guess you just decided to take a plant off the curb without asking the homeowner. Hmm lets think about this for a sec...
  3. It was literally on the curb next to a dumpster in the most conspicuous manner ever. Whoever had it was clearly getting rid of it. This is a college town. People come and go. I'm not going to knock on the door of random "homeowners" and try to interview them about a cannabis plant that may or may not me theirs...
  4. Looks like you have spider mites and the plant should be transplanted.
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  5. Any recommendation for the spider mites? Other people have recommended repotting it as well, but I hesitate because I don't want it to get too much bigger than it already is in the interest of discretion (where I live this is perfectly legal, but I still feel iffy about it).
  6. give it some N like FF grow big. & yup spidermites
  7. Gave it some FF Grow Big & Big Bloom yesterday morning. Ended up giving it two cups water. How's that amount? I really have no idea if I am over or under watering.

    What do you recommend for the spider mites?
  8. Need to transplant it in a little bigger soft sided smart pot so it won't get any more root bound than it already is. Azamax or Azatrol for spider mites. I use Azamax and it has worked very well for me.
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  9. can't really over water in soil. I'd give it enough water that it was well saturated. Then come back later & fertilize.
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  10. Maybe thats why they threw it out in the first place
  11. Great. Thanks for your help! :-D
  12. Ill be here all week ;) And remember. Dont take plants next to the dumpsters.
  13. I guess I will put something helpful in this thread. Cold pressed neem oil inside a spray bottle and spray the leaves until the spider mites are gone. Every.Single.Inch.
  14. I will add to the chorus saying it looks like your plant has well outgrown her container. I suspect the other symptoms will clear up once you give her a bigger house. Can you put her in the ground or is that out of the question? Mites tend to be a problem with indoor grows. Exposure to wind and rain (or a garden hose) keeps them in check. I found a small section of two plants that had symptoms of mites in my outdoor grow last year. This was after two weeks of searing heat with no breeze. I gave both plants a good dousing from the hose, focusing on the portion where I saw the webbing, well before sunrise a few days in a row. That cured the problem. The weather went back to our normal wind tunnel and I never saw the mites again.
  15. Hmm...As far as repotting...I guess I'm opening up to the idea but feel really intimidated. What kind of soil do you recommend and what size pot? Any tips for the repotting process, itself? Scared af.
  16. Go to your local hydro store, by some smartpots, I would go at least 20 gallons each, or you'll be watering daily. Get some of their soil they have there everything they carry should be great, Roots organics, 707, foxfarm, vermisoil, there are lots of choices you can't go wrong with one of the ones listed. I'd not be afraid of transplanting. I am not sure if you have bugs or they are totally rootbound stressed, but it'd be a good idea to start a spray regimen of SNS or neem as a preventative/control.
  17. if you can afford bigger pots and dont have to worry about them getting too big or people seeing them you can go as big as you want on the smart pots. Be forewarned if you drop a plant that size into a 100 gallon, with great soil, you will have a huge monster come harvest.
  18. Are you sure that plant is female?
  19. '..the days are almost exactly 15 hours long at this point in the year. ' ..so so lucky

    even in medieval Russia its still only 24 hours to a day ..lol

    these clay pots suck water outta the soil

    leaving the soil TOXIC...killing the plant in time

    potup to a large very large plastic pot or grow bag

    with quality soils water well and leave in a dim light place or better over night to recover

    the real question here is if you have the skill to continue this plant

    many here will see this 'gift' as very freaky indeed

    good luck
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  20. Word. Alright. Tomorrow after work my wife and I are going to the hydro store, buying at least a 20-gallon smart pot, some nice soil, and we will report this thing. By god. I'll post an update after.
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