Drooping leaves, is it starved or overwatered? got pictures

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  1. Alright so my trainwreck clone is drooping. i watered it last night with regular filtered water and some organic worm casting liquid. this morning when i looked at her, her top half of the plant was drooping like this, the leaves are also crispy ahhhhh i'm nervous. i havent fed the trainwreck since the last 2 waterings. the ph is fine, i got them under a 250w metal halide right now. air circulation is good. i'm gonna feed it next time the medium gets dry. so could any one help me out on this? why are the leaves crispy, does overwatering do that or did i not water enough or is it that its hungry? i'd really appreciate some help on this. this is my first grow.

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    Over watering can cause yellowing, but you seem to know to let the medium dry out in between waterings. When was the last time you watered it and fed it? How do you gauge if the soil is dry? Weight?

    Approx. how old is your clone and how long have you had it under the 250w MH and how far away is it? The reason I ask, although I've never used a 250w, is because I know HID lighting can cause clones to bleach and yellow. My 400w fucked some of my clones up but increasing the distance and putting the clones in indirect HID light worked fine. Did you try "hardening off" the clones before putting them under the 250 or gradually getting them used to the HID light?

    Just some things to consider.

    Edit: One more thing, what kind of soil?

  3. thanks for replying man, the way i go by for watering is that, i at least wait
    2-3 days than i use my moisture meter to see if it is dry or not. i last watered
    it last night, and this morning is when i saw these results that i posted for concern.
    last time i fed was about a week ago. and i used earthjuice grow and earthjuice
    micronutrients. the distance i have o the trainwreck is about 11 inches away
    from the light, i'm about to switch to 12/12 tonight tho and put my hps to them.
    what is "hardening off"? i'm fairly new to growing, this is my first grow, but i'm very fascinated with learning about growing. my soil mix is Down to Earth Soil, Peat Moss
    and i put a little mixture of some good manure and peat moss at the bottom of my pot.
    i read that its good to have some manure on the bottom so that the older roots get a nice boost when they get to that point. i have a 3 gallon smartpot, because i'm going for
    small plant.
  4. i also forgot to say that these are about a month old
  5. No prob. man.

    Hardening off is the process of gradually introducing a stronger source of light to your plant, or getting them used to the new light source a few hours a day before placing them under the new light source. If that made any sense ;). I don't really think it's necessary with some varieties, but I was just trying to through out ideas as to what your problem might be.

    By any chance do you have any picture of the plant before this problem arose?

    When you place your hand just above your plants, does it get warm? Warm enough to cause discomfort? I ask because I still think that the HID lighting might have been too much to start off those clones and they are possibly bleached. Just think how your plants will feel if they are that hot for the entire photo period. I know you say they're a month old now, but were they always under the 250w MH? And just a warning, the HPS you're going to switch to will burn even hotter than the MH. So increase the light to plant distance or get a fan and train the airflow in between the plant tops and the light.

    I know that Down To Earth already has guano, castings and other nutrients pre-mixed with the soil. I'm assuming you didn't start feeding her right away, if so there's a chance it's nute locked. And with the extra manure on the bottom, I endorse the method of bottom feeding, did you happen to "cut" or dilute the manure with soil or was did you just add 100% manure to the bottom. I ask because I've ran into problems when I did not cut my manure on the bottom of my pots.

    Sorry for not giving a definite answer, but hopefully these pointers will lead you in the right direction.(I still think they might be bleached) And you always learn more by doing rather than just having someone tell you right :)? Good luck bro.
  6. Hey man, I had trouble when I used a soil with that much composted fir bark. Stay away from the stuff, you don't want any of it in your soil. Make sure to use a peat based soil. NO FIR BARK


  7. thank you for you help man, i've tested out the heat with the top of my hand, and it feels alright. and before i had them under the MH i had a compact flurescent when they were young. i think i'm gonna see if those leaves pop up and get a better color in the next couple days and then lower them so the distance is bigger. also i did cut the manure with a little soil and peat moss.
  8. How often do you use the liquid worm poop? You do realize that is feeding as well?

    What's your pH?
  9. my ph is between 6.5-7 i have one of those cheap color ph testers. is there any signs of ph being off? i just put a few drops in the watering for the liquid castings. didnt think it would be to much of anything really.

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