drooping leaves after repot

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by addlestoner, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Well i have just repotted my 3 week old plant into its final bucket (3g) But within an hour of the repot all the leaves are drooping and touching the floor. The soil medium was pretty damp but i dont think this could of caused it so quick? Is my plant dying or do leaves usually droop badly after a repot
  2. Had same problem but with much smaller plants. Would love to know as well.
  3. They can droop a little. Usually they will perk up the next day or two.

    Where you can go wrong is packing the soil too tight, or damaging the roots moving her, or not watering all the way through after the transplant.

    I also keep light intensity down for a day or two so there's less shock.
  4. I transplanted, then watered to kind of let the soil pack itself. I may have watered too much, could that cause drooping too?
  5. Is the pot sitting in water?
  6. You mean sitting in the runoff? it was the first day, it then dried up.
  7. Yeah that might have done it. Just wait a couple of days for the soil to dry up and she'll perk up a bit.
  8. Wow this is a resiliant plant ive just got back to check on her (3 hours later) and shes fine! shes the exact same as before the repot :D
  9. Lucky you! Mine are still a little droopy. Gonna give them a break from the lights, switching to 18-6 to see if that helps.
  10. Yea this happens to a lot of my GDP clones. Some strains are just more sensitive than others. Like my alaskan ice does super well from a clone. Anywho glad to see she perked up. You'd be very surprise to how reseliant they really are. I have knocked over clones and seedlings in cups, and they were totally on the floor showing roots. Was VERY gentle, picked them up and repotted. Day later, BAM shes back in the game. Good luck buddy.

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