Drooping, folded leaves. Over or underwatering?

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  1. Yo, does anyone know what's going on with my plants. They look a little small and they're drooping. I don't think it's overwatering but I've been wrong before. Lights are 600w HPS, tent sits around 25 celcius lights on and about 60% humidity. Light distance is now 18 inches. Just looking for some general feedback so I know what sort of thing might be wrong. It really looks like overwatering or underwatering though so I kinda wanted to know if I should back off or increase frequency 1 - Copy.jpg 2 - Copy.jpg 3 - Copy.jpg
  2. If it helps diagnosis here is what they looked like yesterday a couple days after watering. water - Copy.jpg
  3. How old are they and what is your medium?
  4. Canna terra plus, so inert soil I guess, and they're about two weeks old now

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  5. Are you letting them dry out good? It looks like overwatering to me just my opinion.
  6. I mean I water them once every 3 to 4 days and water til I get a little runoff. They're in little 1l propagation fabric pots so they dry out pretty quick anyway
  7. Ok I would just wait and see if they start to perk back up after soil starts drying out again. They look heathy besides that.
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  8. I'll post an update in a day or so and you can see what you think I guess
  9. Wait for more opinions but I don't see a reason to get to worried yet. Especially if it happened right after a watering. I would let it dry and watch it will let you know soon.
  10. The only reason I watered them today is because they were due a feed, but with that said they were still dust dry a knuckle and a bit down and they felt really light. It'd been 3 days since their last watering. I've also underwatered them pretty badly in the past
  11. I think they look fine, my droops just like that for a couple days after watering. I bet they will perk back up after the medium starts to dry.

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  12. They looked like that when there were dry, I took those pictures minutes after a feeding
  13. Are you getting good drainage from the bottom of the pot?

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  14. It's in a fabric pot that doesnt sit in it's runoff
  15. I'm going to leave them to dry out from now and see if they perk up over the course of the week
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  16. I tried to get some similar pictures from later on today after a watering because they look more perky to me. I have no idea though, honestly.
    1 - Copy.jpg 2 - Copy.jpg 3 - Copy.jpg
    11 - Copy.jpg 22 - Copy.jpg 33 - Copy.jpg
  17. Yes looking better.
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  18. Could it be underwatering and the fact that I took pictures after a watering made the leaves look swollen without really perking up? I don't really know how quickly they'd react to things like that
  19. I'm not for sure man I try to read my plants they usually will give you signs when hungry or need water that's what I try to look for.
  20. I usually judge by picking my pots up. I go by weight.

    It's tough with autoes at early growth because you have such a small plant in a 3-5 gal container, so I just give them 8-16 ounces per day for the first 2 weeks or so...until they can take at least a half gal of water.

    It's always better to underwater your plant then to overwater. It's hard to kill a plant by under feeding.
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