Drooping, death riddled, leaves curling - Clones (first time) Help please.

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    I cut my first clone yesterday at a 45 deg angle with a razor sharp blade. The clone I cut had two very small new fan leaves and three nodes below that. It was about six -7 inches long and the stem below the last node was about 2.5 inches long. I dipped it into rootone powder and inserted it into potting soil that was totally saturated with water, with the last node just under the soil and pushed the soil up against the stem. I soaked the soil in water and squeezed the extra out. soil is saturated with water. clone is under a compact floro shop light. humidity is 80-85 temp is 80-82. In a matter of an hour or two it was drooping. I used some cat5 24 gauge wire to create a support in case it droped further, it did. in 5 hours it was totally drooped. in 9 hours the leaves are curled and lookin morbidly drooped (the only thing holding it up is the cat5 wire crutch... Help Please

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  2. Did you do any cloning research before attempting this? I'm sure you did because of the way you describe taking the cutting, but I mean did you look into how to keep it alive after the cutting?

    The clone doesn't need much light or air flow until it's rooted. That will dry it out, as you discovered, almost immediately. It should be covered, unless it's in water. Not drenched soil but actual water until it roots.

    Sorry for your loss man. When you try it again, if you're using soil, keep the plant in a covered, humid environment until it takes root. You can also use water, but make sure it's aerated, I have even heard of people putting cutting in a glass of distilled water and getting it to root. good luck with your next attempt.
  3. That's big for a clone. Cut the lower leaves in half like you'd cut off someones fingers. Put it under a dome. The soil shouldn't be waterlogged either.
  4. Yea that clone is HUGE, I think they need to be smaller so they can develop a root system, that's prob why this on is going to die :(.

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