Drooping clones

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  1. Hi, so yesterday I went to the dispencary and picked up 2 clones. One girl scout cookies and one Skywalker OG. They were already rooted about about a foot to 16 inches tall in solo cups. When I got them the soil appeared like it had JUST been watered. I had to drive about 20 minutes home and the guy told me to leave them in the solo cups that day and transplant them the following day so they didn't go into shock. Today when I looked at them they were drooping or sad looking. I am new to this and am curious if anyone could tell me a way to save these gals.

  2. These are the clones

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  3. How moist is the soil in those cups? Someone correct me if I'm wrong but droopiness can come from drought, excess heat or overwatering.
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  4. I found this thread: Wilting Clones

    Maybe it can help? I dunno man I haven't grown before either, sorry
  5. It was pretty wet. Someone told me to get a humidity dome but I couldn't find one that was 16 inches tall. I only found small ones. I was told to take a few fan leaves off of it and stick it under the light. It looks like they are doing better but I keep checking on them to make sure they didn't die.

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  6. Just go ahead and plant them. They are WAY past the size that they need to be transplanted. You transplant them out of the cups when the plant itself is taller and wider than the cup it's in, so these are long overdue. Put them in some good grow soil, water them in and leave them alone. They'll be just fine. TWW
  7. Okay, great thank you

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