drooping, and lack of growth

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  1. So I have this plant and besides havin time release soil I think I did everything right...though after what I think is 2 weeks the plant is smaller than every other plant in the grow journels ive seen. also the 2nd set of leaves are drooping really bad, but theres no distinct discoloration


    please excuse my poor spelling im very stressed out. Im beginning to think that I should transplant and see what happens
  2. Make sure its getting enough light and water.

    Also, for your next grow don't grow in that medium. It absorbs water, attracts mold and bugs, and dosn't hold nutes well.

    Size wise, don't worry about it, theres always a strangler smaller then the others :) nothing to be worried about.
  3. whoops repost :)
  4. yea my plants on a 24/7 scheme and every time I water my plant it gets dried out every like 1/2 a day. Should I water more often to keep the roots healthy or will it rot them?

  5. Transplant them to soil without nutes, those chips like he said are bad medium to grow in. That will fix all your problems, and make sure to water after, never sooner, then when the first 1-2 inches are dried out in your soil.
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    my plants are 2 weeks old too and one looks kinda like this. Im also on the 24/7 schedule but im growin hydro. I guess i should check my ph? I originally thought my problem was overwatering so i cut back on it a little...but it started looking worse haha so i guess i was wrong
  7. I took some top soil out of a planter outside my place and transplanted but I forgot to loosen the root ball of soil but when I woke up the rest of the plants looked like they were in shock but the plant grew a lot!!!!!! im gonna post pics later tonight:hello:

  8. Good to hear! Can't wait to see pics.
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    sorry it took so long I was out with friends and the hangover was killing me...

    heres the pics, its still a bit droopy but now since its grown so much im not afraid of the plant being killed :hello:



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