drooping and dieing leaves... TOO MANY?!?!?!?

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  1. hey guys so everything has been going good, or so it seems. the tops of the plants all look very nice and healthy with lots of new pistols. but the bottom inside leafs are dieing and falling off. im using cfls tons of them about 12 all together around 250 watts, but i dont think the light is penetrating deep enough. should i be worried or what is causing this to my plants? i have pics


  2. I've been there myself, I suggest you remove those smaller lower leaves as they may be light starved anyway, this will improve ventilation and make it easier for access, I like to have 6-12" clear under the plant for the above reasons
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  3. but is this normal or what? am i doing something wrong besides not picking them off?
  4. i have had the same prob, its because like they said ^^ ur lower leaves are not getting enough light so they are just dying, just remove them and keep on keepin on, get some more lights pointing up from underneath and u should be fine ;)
  5. ^^ that too :)
  6. Leaves aren't just gonna dry up and die due to lack of light. I'm seeing some burnt leaf tips, probably due to nutrient overload. It will affect the smallest leaves first, hence the reason they are dying off. It doesn't look too bad yet, flush them good with plain water. When they dry out, start them back on nutes at 1/3 strength. And follow the advice about putting CFLs on the sides of the plants....that's always good.
  7. UNFORTUNATLY (caps) i have only been giving them plain water for the past 2-3 weeks. just plain distilled water with a ph of 6.5
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    yes lower leaves can die due to lack of light, the plant will only maintain leaves that are recieving light. its like mutation, if something on an organism is not bieng used its phased out.. same process.. just not mutation..

    EDIT: are you making sure your soil in completly dry before watering again? stick ur finger an inch or 2 into the dirt, if its dry then u can water, if not then dont water, roots can drown, this would make ur plant droopy like it looks, but the light may be the reason the leaves are dying

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