Drooping after transplant

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by YourGod11, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Hi all, this is my first grow and my second transplant. Finally got everything I need for the soil I want so I transplanted it about an hour ago.

    Have Miracle Gro organic soil, perlite, earthworm castings, and seabird/bat guano in the mix. Since I added the plants to the new soil they have been extremely droopy and rubbery. I haven't watered them in 2 days (which was not a good thing to do) so maybe they just need more time to soak up the water? I watered them after replanting.

    Should I expect to see some improvement soon?
  2. They are in a little shock right now, relax dude it's only been an hour, did ya expect to harvest today? Plants will take a few days to establish itself to it's new home and then it will perk up. did you add the sea/bat guano in the mix? If ya did then you diffinately will burn the plants, miracle gro has too much nute in the mix as it is. Why was it bad not to water in 2 days? You have to let them dry out I let mine go thirsty when the soil is dry all the way to bottom of pot and water every 7 days, of course I mist a little in between. Maybe you overwatered them plants is why you got droopy leaves. Whats the set-up man so others here could help ya if I didn't.
  3. Yeah, I agree, too much nutes. Try to stay away from preferted commercial soils unless you are using ALL organic. Many experienced grow gurus will not touch Miracle grow for their grows. Try Fox Farms Ocean Forest or Fox Farms Light Warrior - all organic, no chyemical nutes and you won't need to feed yrou plants for a long timeWater when the soil is dry. You definitely do not need to keep the soil wet. You will drown your plant. That probablyu why athey are so droppy, that and transplant shock. You want the roots to be able to search out and grow in their search for water. This will establish a great root base for your potentially huge plant. get it?
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  4. Used the MG because it's the organic type, which I have heard good things about. Everything else is organic as well. Should the plants perk up within the next day or so?
  5. Let me get this straight--you bought miracle gro because it has ORGANIC'S in it right? Then why in the world would you put more organic's in there for? The bag clearly must say dont fert. for 3 or so months it has all it needs already in the mix. No it wont perk back up unless you get some better soil and transplant now, or you'll be on this web-site with questions everyday because the problem will only get worse from here, sorry man.
  6. What he is growing in is not pre-ferted hence the word organic (Miricle grow organic). The organic stuff should have come sterilized as well as I believe the practice is with organic soil. He also added the perilite which is necessary with Miricle grow so that is fine. Organic soil is fine without adding nutes, for the first three weeks or so when growing seedlings. After that, fertilizer will need to be added. He is using organic fertilizer which is also very good (and continues with the organic theme). Organic fertilizers do not usually burn the plants like the chemical ferts will though so he might be ok. If the plant was under-watered the droop should be gone by now (or starting to recover). How are they looking now? Your plants look like they were either to dry or are suffering from transplant shock. Time will tell.
  7. It's 4 hours later and they're still droopy, startin to get a little worried.
  8. read what SmknVTEC said
  9. Ok after the night they seem to be regaining their rigidity, but slowly. The tops are not completely stable but most of the stem seems to be solid and not so rubbery.

    Hopefully by the end of tonight they will be back to normal.

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