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  1. hey:wave:
    i clipped a few of the lower branches off of my plant
    now this morning i woke up to one of the top colas hanging over to the side drooping significantly....
    the stem on the plant where its bending is really soft and flexible.....
    did i cause my baby too much stress you think???
    will this affect the qualitly of the buds???
    should i harvest early now???
  2. Before you cut on the plant was the top stems firm and hard or were they always really flexible? It should be ok either way unless you took like 3/4 of the plant
  3. i mean they were allways flexible....but now it just seems even more so the way the plant is sagging....like they softened or something idk....imma take some pics in a min
  4. I am not a seasoned grower but have a fair bit of knowledge about plants as i am in organic crop production and apply that knowledge to my grow. i am not 100% sure i belive this is a very good possibility. The colas are top heavy when you cut those bottom branches off they were acting as a balast of sorts, the weight of those other brances were counter balancing the weight of the colas. With those branches gone the top colas are top heavy so they are starting to bend. When this has happened to me i just tie the cola so it is upright trying to maximize even sun exposure. As for the soft spot it may be damage from the cola bending too much and damaging the vertical cambium layer which contains the xylem which conducts water and disolved nutrients. Which may cause it to be mushy. But not sure. imo tie it up with soft string or rope to help minimize the damage, and allow your plant to heal.
  5. thnx so much justcuz!!!
    u may be exactly right about the top heavy thing!!!

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