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  1. this one plant that has alreay been growing i have looks as if its female.!!she (hopefully) is about 1' 7' and has 2 big fan leaves.the person that ditched it trimed it befoe they di so some are missng byt today when i went to check on *her* she was nice and standing strainght and her laves were looking good! i think in about 2 weeks or 3 i will harvest.i may take a clone .can you take a clone off a main stem instead of just the top?ok thanks alot.
  2. harvest, does it have buds on it yet? Well you can't clone if its budding, i'm not sure if you can use a main stem, maybe. Are you just going to harvest and smoke the leaves, that would work but seem pointless.
  3. can i cone with a branch?
  4. Dont believe so, 90% sure you can't
  5. sorry wasn't sure....So I guess you can clone them in answer to your question smokey, according to critter

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