Drone to target and kill American , thoughts?

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  1. So in government today my teacher brought up the subject of drone strikes. Apparently there is some American who is planning terroristic acts and is in a very hard place for a team to get him out, should we bomb him? Does his rights still apply (habeus corpus) which translate to "bring the body" , and is a court order that requires a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court. At what point do we lose our rights? When we are accused of so called terroristic acts or should this right always apply.

    Another thing concerning drone strikes, think about this. What if Russia knew there was a terrorist in New York and they just couldn't quite get to him due to all the traffic in times square and they decide to send a drone to kill this one man , which in turn kills many innocent people. It infringes on a countries sovereignty. What makes the United States think it has the right to fly unmanned bomb planes into foreign countries to kill their so called enemies.

    Anyways I want to know what you think , if a person is deemed a terrorist but they are American do they have the right to due process or the right to die.

  2. sad thing is, americans are terrorists. bombing the fuck out of anyone in close proximity to a suspected terrorist.
    "terrorist" is so fucking vague.
  3. That's what I'm saying , and it always seems like they want to get rid of these so called "terrorists" before they get to speak or get their story out.
  4. The American government is the biggest terrorist organization in the history of the world. The fact that they are also the best brainwashers in history is a big help to them.
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    its similar the psychiatrists/big pharma, the government simply created a problem to generate power and divert attention from what they're really doing. like a chess game.
    i'm curious to see how it'll play out when another government's military starts killing suspected terrorists in america with drones.
  6. If they do bomb this guy, it's simply to instill fear into the US population. If they can drone him, they can do it to anyone...  
  7. bomb the fucker from the sky, why risk police lives for some nut holed up in his house building bombs.
    my 2cents
  8. Nah, send in the robotic termites ...
  9. Y'all's is stupitt (shoots kneecaps)
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    The second we let a government run by the 1% of society that are high-functioning psychopaths tell us what is necessary for our safety and what is necessary for the "common good". We lost our rights a long, long time ago when we stopped trusting ourselves and forgot to be skeptics of those in power.
    We lost our rights when we forgot that we are born with every single right imaginable and it is only government that can take away these so-called rights. We lost our rights when we were told in school that it is our government that gave us these rights, that we have to kill and die for our government to defend our rights. We lost our rights when we stopped fighting for them, and started fighting for them...
    Divide, conquer, obscure, control...
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    As long as the media spins the story to portray someone as a "terrorist" then most people would probably support drone bombing them.
    Drone bomb sites are nasty.
  12. Drone operators should be forced to watch this every night before they go to bed:
  13. If you set the precident that terrorists do not get a trial, you give the government the power to literally just call someone a terrorist and arrest them no questions asked.

    How do you know he is a terrorist if he doesnt get a trial? Cause the government said?

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  14. Well of course, like our government would lie to us...  ;)
  15. Shorty shootin everybody knee caps lately!
  16. If there was a terrorist in New York City that was wanted by Russia, they wouldn't have to kill him with drones - the FBI or the CIA would arrest him.
  17. They've already killed 3
  18. 4. :smoke:
    But while the White House has previously admitted that four US citizens have been killed overseas by American drone strikes since President Barack Obama took office in 2009, a policy change made by his administration last year is now causing complications while the government wrestles with deciding which action to take this time around.
    Your smoke face after that correction is disturbing [​IMG]
    Due to public outrage I'd assume. Go figure, otherwise they would still be doing it.
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    1 intentional, other 3 were accidental.

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