Drone Caught On Tape Over Austin

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pq5-Nqjgar0]Drone Caught On Tape Over Austin - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Damn 30,000 drones!

    I thought I saw a "drone" the other day. It was in the sky pretty high. It didn't appear to be a plane, because it didn't have any "trail".

  3. damn , pretty sick...
  4. All hail king obama and hand over your guns and privacy and he shall protect you
  5. this aint nothin new right?

    i been hearin we had drones on our border for a while now
  6. INFO WARS? Are you fkn kidding me? You might as well quote Fox news... those guys are biased commentary, conspiracy theory freaks. I need some level headed journalism to even consider its validity.
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    so there was no drone over austin?

    is the Op fake?

    if that were a CNN video would it be more true? Is a CNN or MSNBC video more true than a FOX news video?

  8. LOL I am picturing you waving your finger at me... all defensive like.
    Maybe there was, I was talking about the source of the video, nothing else. Re read if you must.
    No, obviously the OP is not "fake".
    No, CNN is just as bad, right? Mainstream media is all pretty much biased, bought, and paid for. So...... Any further assumptions about what I think is true? :D
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  9. And another one. Fuck FOX, CNN, Infowars, etc. Don't be overwhelmed by getting the data for yourself. I'm not saying these sources can't give you real, credible news, but once you give them the attention that you trust them as a news source, they will blind you with their articles of meaningless truths. The Koch brothers are interested in buying major newspapers.

    Revealed: 64 Drone Bases on American Soil | Danger Room | Wired.com
  10. Ok guys. I'm in Illinois and I swear I just saw a drone. It sounded slightly different than a plane. Anyone else in Illinois see it? I'm dead serious.
  11. I just found out I have a new drone base in my town, literally less than 5 minutes from my location. I'm not too surprised because I have a major military base here as well. It's not a research one either. It's Army operated and the base is in civilian territory..
  12. That was a quadcopter or octocopter... Whatever.

    How do we know it wasn't a civilian one?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXybgf3lX2g]CineStar 3 - Axis Gimbal - YouTube[/ame]
  13. :laughing:

    nah man..

    i just think dismissing something strictly based on the source is no less biased than the sources that you complain about.

    Alex jones is a wacko, don't get me wrong and most of what he says is either bullshit or a complete stretch of what might be a bit of truth... but when a factual video is posted, why attack the source?

    CNN, FOX, NBC and the rest are pretty much the same. people who follow political teams will argue that one is better than the other.. but like the party politicians they follow, they are all the same, with the same agendas.
  14. The point I was trying to get at is; Do your own investigative journalism. You don't need to leave your house to find information not being reported on by the big wigs, this includes Alex Jones. The guy is a fear-mongering nut case. He does provide some informative news, especially on extreme subjects, but he, like any other news anchor, is a personality.

    Alex Jones investigates using the Internet. If you don't like the news he puts out there, do your own work. It isn't hard if you know how and where to look. It's all under your nose and at your fingertips.

  15. I Knew this was coming. WHAT THE ACTUAL F#CK DUDE? who gives a shit about the name? u got a better name idea? Its about the video not who published it... for f#ck sake.
  16. It's not the name. Sorry, I was just expressing that I can't take that source seriously. Gather ALL the pitchforks.
  17. nah man...

    you shouldn't take it seriously. i sure as hell don't.

    my only issue was that you attacked the source of a factual video.. like you tried to discredit the whole OP when you said yourself that it was true.
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    It shouldn't completely matter about the source just because you have a bad taste for it. The fact is; The video was real, and it provided a report from said source claiming what the United States DOD has already stated to be truth.

    By the way, it is the name. It's always the name, because the name represents the reputation..


    AW, your sig made me remember when I watched this video about the US Army spending thousands of dollars importing beach sand to bases in the middle east so the troops could play beach volleyball...
  19. Really didn't meant to discredit the OP at all, seriously! I see how you think so but I didn't even mention the video at all. I shouldn't have said anything, it shifted the convo and was pointless. I do believe it's a factual video *for the record* but doesn't change my feeling about the source.
    My bad guys:cool:

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