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Dro prices??!?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by automaticlover, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. just wondering if anyone can tell me the typical prices for dro.. i've come across many types of bud but never dro. i've smoked baby dro, but that's it. how much for a g? 8th?
    is 280-300 for a zip a good price range?

  2. depends whurrrrr ya live!?!?!?!?!?!
  3. lol i live in chicago
  4. You know dro isn't a strain right..?
  5. 300-400 for a zip of dank
  6. Why buy dro? It's only grown differently. People need to learn how to get off that shit. Its really not worth paying the extra 5-10$ a g in my opinion.
  7. 20 a g, 60 an eigth, and 300-400 an ounce is pretty standard.
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    Well for one thing, somebody selling it as dro is ripping you off, selling something as "dro" just shows they don't know shit about the strain, and they figure they could get a few extra dollars off people selling it as dro. I buy my kush for 20 a g, 50 for 3.5. I buy from somebody where I know what they are giving me, I don't buy unless I have examined the bud all the way to the last trichome. If this guy is legit, before you buy, at least look at the bud and see if it looks good.

    They could have grown really shitty bud, and still sell it as dro because it was grown hydroponically.
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    Need to get some rules in place for this how much BS. Like stick with the metric system in describing whatever don't really need the "hip" slang which is usually misleading. Like zip, wtf is that ziplock baggy what size? Sandwich, 1/2 gallon, gallon? How full (packed, full, half full, etc.)? I'm guessing you mean an ounce(28 grams)?

    EDIT: Seen to many of these posts with usually misleading information or amounts.(I mostly read not post)

  10. Kush isnt a strain either..:rolleyes:
  11. :hello: You got me there lol, if you wanted specifics, my friend grows Aurora Indica, he sells it as kush to the people who don't know their weed.
  12. [​IMG]

    That is the only response I can give to this quote
  13. I think by dro he means beasters.
  14. Ah ok, that is more understandable then.

    We need to come up with some kind of universal stoner language. So many words are interpreted different ways in different parts of the world
  15. I don't know if you were being sarcastic or not.... but yes.. kush is most definitely a strain and it got its name from the hindu kush mountain range. What rappers, dealers and users refer to as kush commonly isn't actually a strain with kush parentage... but that doesn't mean the real stuff isn't.... well... real.

    Neither one of those things, in the common usage, mean anything. Beasters isn't a legitimate term for anything... it's slang for weed from BC and sometimes for medium quality seedless weed with little smell but high quality looks. Dro is slang that commonly means high quality weed but legitimately refers to weed grown hydroponically, which doesn't necessarily make it better or worse than soil grown.

    Last and most definitely least... Baby Dro is THE DUMBEST word for cannabis that I have ever heard. If your dealer calls his pot baby dro please please for the love of cannabis find another dealer with a higher IQ.
  16. yes i know it's not a strain

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