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"Dro" Homegrown - Quarter Pick-Up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Kramer, May 25, 2009.

  1. #1 Kramer, May 25, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 25, 2009
    I have been dry for about...three weeks now, looking for bud, trying to get deals to go through, but lately, things here in OK have been real shady and just unavailable.

    An acquaintance of mine who I highly respect (just getting our school's NORML started up this summer) just went to Dallas where he knows a young gal who grows some very lovely bud.

    He, being the awesome dude he is, brought it back to his place and more than willingly gave me a modest price to what I considered to be homegrown middies that were WELL taken care of, but what he refers to do as dro.

    Ten (10) bucks a gram. Not shabby. Payed seventy (70) for a quarter, which was weighed outside of the bag, that weighed evenly.

    I'm highly pleased with this pick-up.

    Thank my friends.



    I'm very sorry for the shitty photos...this camera blows.
  2. :( poopy pictures.... I'm sure that bud smokes awesome though... and also after a 3 week tbreak!
  3. Crappy pics, but sounds like you got a nice deal, finally
  4. I think the pictures are ok...
    Nice pick up mannnnnnn.
  5. Oh, updated pix, now i feel like an asshole
  6. 70 a quarter? ripofffff
  7. Looks nice, I got a school friend who hooks me up with about the same amount as that there for $10.
    Looks just like that, strong skunky smell?
  8. Not at all.

    Very smooth, fresh green odor.

    Thick, rich, and smooth smoke.
  9. high briked up dense middies

  10. i second that notion...

    Hows it smoke kramer??
  11. thats pop... runs about 100-120/oz in dallas
  12. i'm sure it's potent and smells good, but that is some leafy ass bud. if it were me smoking on that, I would only get an eight of actual nug off that and the rest leaves and stems.
  13. Veeery indica.

    Doesn't take much at all to get blazed.

    It's got my approval.
  14. Damn next time your in Dallas hit me up...Well actually dont but look harder.

    Its ok buddha but thats the "Pop" or Mids that we get in the Dallas Area. I just moved here and the dank is dank (found a grower quick) the Mids are kiefy little fuckers and run about 100 a oz.
  15. Osg, you should get an E-stamp that says"OSG approved!"

  16. Word.

    I wonder if he realizes that if he was paying for street, thats $10 for 1.0 grams, multiplied by 7, 70 bills, ever hear of bulk discount? sheesh.

    For 70 I (and everyone else I'm sure) can get a half of some proud bunk.

    This of course, depends on where one lives.
  17. This.

    There are just certain places where bulk doesn't work.
  18. looks like some decent buds. 70 aint that bad.
  19. you find any/alot of seeds in there?

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