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"Dro" has seeds? texas people hit me up.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by repctx254, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. aight i bought some "Dro" from a friend of mine and it has seeds in it.
    he said its cuz its the bottom of the bag but idk what to think.
    he said its Sweet-tooth but idk.

    i know "Dro" isn't a term. its a method.
    i guess i would be lookin for beasters.
    but Dro is just what everyone calls it round here.
  2. If you mean Hydro, then no, it shouldn't have seeds. Nice to see a fellow Texan :wave:
  3. hell yeah man, reppin texas.

    and i doubt its hydro.
    its all home-grown around here.
    straight soil.
    no one seems smart enuff to grow some hydro.
    atleast not smart enough to sell it if they do.
  4. Here we can get some. Its about 2x more expensive than anything else though. I have a good connect though so i get an O for $80
  5. damn i wish i could...
    i haven't smoked this shit yet but he said he can get me a quarter zone for $70.
    if its that good that is.
  6. LOL. You dont get GOOD bud for $80 an ounce.

    I have noticed when people say dro in texas they normally mean beast. I always say chron when i mean real good bud.
  7. You said it yourself, "Dro" is a method of growin, so it could very well have seed. Although if your speaking of beasters, then they shouldn't have seeds.
  8. Dude. Hydro can have seeds.
  9. No matter what kind of bud it is, or how it is grown, it could have seeds...

    It just matters if the grower had any males in the bunch he was growing and if he got to them before they pollinated the females.

    If the grower doesn't do this, than the dankest of bud can have a seed.

    I believe anyways...
  10. Yeah from what dro Ive seen from multiple people
    its had seeds
    but only like one or two
    and yeah dro is just a common term for some dank shit
    but not fire

  11. I would agree that alot of people may be wrong. But when you have seen the grow system, I'm pretty sure I know its Hydro :)

    Weed is cheap here. There are so many sweet houses that grow around here, it is crazy.
  12. exactly, although if it has seeds it's less likely to be primo bud cause the plant spends more energy producing the seeds than producing the THC.
  13. well i payed 20 for a G and now im pissed.
    someones gonna get a pistol flashed at them.
  14. Not exactly,From what i know, THC production stops as soon as the females are pollenated, thus making them less-dank. Although it could still be a dank strain
  15. $20 aint worth it, hell, $200 aint worth it!
  16. im just kiddin man.
    i wouldn't do that over 20 bucks.
    i work so its not really that bad...
    but i wanna get what i paid for ya know?
  17. How much did you buy??? i wouldn't pull a gat out period, but my record isn't the cleanest. There was i time i would walk around with heat, realized it just wasn't worth it. Still got the gat tho, just in case.
  18. that post amuses me when coupled with your name and sig
  19. As long as it smokes good, then it's all good. :smoke:
  20. Dude no way. If it was sweet-tooth it wouldn't have ANY seeds in it. Sweet Tooth is a REALLY good indica, anyone who grew it wouldn't be stupid enough to leave the males in the same room.

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